Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


2. The Apointment

I woke up that morning with Nialls arm around me. I wanted to tell Niall that I might be pregnant,but I knew that if i wasnt not only would I be upset he would be too. Niall was a caring person. We both wanted kids.i got up and took a shower,And made breakfast. Niall woke up just as I finished. "Hey babe. I have to go, but your food is on the table. Love you" "Love you too." He says as i walk out the door. I got in the car and drove to the doctors appointment. "Hi im Hannah Horan i have a doctors appointmet with Dr. kanley." I say. "Ok i have you right here go on in." The lady at the counter says. I walked to the room she told me to go in. I sat down. The doctor walked in. "Mrs. Horan how are you?" He says. "I am OK. but i think im pregnant. Ive missed my period the last two months. I just need to make sure before i tell my husband." "Oh yea Niall Horan. My daughter is a huge fan of theres. OK well we are just gonna do a test and we will know by tomorrow." he says. they bring me into a room where they took a few test. "Thanks." I say while i was walking out. "We will let you know." he say.

I drive home thinking that if I tell Niall now if I wasnt pregnant i wouldnt go through it alone. But if I tell him i wasnt sure how he would react. I desided to wait and find out for sure. I walked into the house to find the boys watching TV. "Hey Hannah!" they say. "Hey babe. How was the check up?" Niall asked. "It was Ok im healthy." I say smiling. I walked to my room and changed into my PJs. I walked out to the boys talking about Lux and looking at a picture that her mom had sent Harry. "Oh Harry my friend chelo, you met her at a party or somthing, she was wondering if you want to go out sometime." "Yea that would be awesome!" he says.I look to the picture of Lux, she was with her Dad in the pool. He was teaching her how to swim. I imagined that it was Niall and our baby. "Soo what are we watching" i saw looking away. "The Xfactor." louis says. "oh. I havent seen that in a while." i say. Niall looks to me and sees my worried face. The phone rang. Niall and I both get up to get it. "I got it" i say. "Hello?" "Mrs.Horan we got your test reslts and you are pregnant congradulations!" i here the doctor say. "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!! bye" i say and then I hang up. I was so happy i cried. "Whats wrong?" Niall asked. All the boys looked at me with concern. "Umm nothing.Im just really happy." i say. "Why?" Liam asks. "Umm I dont know i just am." I say walking into my room. I shut the door. I over heard the boys talking about me. "That was odd. why was she crying?" Louis says. "I dont know. She seemed happy who. Ill ask her later. She needs time i think. Im not sure." Niall says. i walked out of my room. "What do you guys want for supper?" I ask keading for the kitchen. "Pizza!!!" louis says. "OK good cause we can order that." i say. I grabbed the phone and ordered a large meat lovers pizza. When the pizza got there I was starved. "Boys eat in here please, i dont want stains on the new sofa." I say. they did. After there show the boys went home. "Bye Hannah. Bye Niall" they say. "Bye" Niall says "Bye boys good night." I say shutting the door. I head for the living room to clean up. I picked up all the soda cans. "so what was with you crying after that phone call?" Niall asks. I look at him and smile. I walked past him and threw away the trash i had in my hand. "Niall when i went to the doctor today it wasn't a check up. I missed my period for 2 months, I thought I was pregnant." Niall interups me "and your not?" "Niall Im pregnant." I say, I was so happy i was crying again. Niall smiled. "Im gonna be a daddy." he says sitting down. "Yes you are." i say sitting down next to him. "Babe we are gonna be parents." he says with a little more concern. "Are we ready for this/ i mean we are so busy. Im going on tour soon. Will I be here when our baby is being born?" he says. "Niall we are ready. and im graduating in a few months. and you will be. If i go on tour with you, If its OK with the boys and managment. Of course." I say. I was a little more scared. "Niall my body is gonna change,we wont get as much sleep,and just everything is gonna change. Im scared." I say. "There isn't anything to be scared of Hannah its a good change. I love you." He says hugging me. His hugs are the best hugs i had ever had. He squeezes you and puts his face in your neck. 'Im tired lets go to bed." I say.

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