Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


4. Pain Gets Worse

I woke up and Niall wasn't there. I went into the kitchen and found a note it said he had to go in early for recording. I don't have class today. i thought. I started to fix some breakfast but then my stomach started to hurt so bad that I couldn't walk. I called Niall. "Hello?" Niall said. "Niall my stomach hurts really bad. Please come home." "Babe im working." "I know but it hurts i need to go to the hospitle. I cant walk." "Ill be there soon." he says. "Thanks babe love you." "love you too. bye." then we hang up. I turned on the TV and saw Niall on the news. He was talking about the day him and I got married. He mentioned the baby. He also said he loved all his fans. Niall walking into the house. "Hannah?" "In here." "lets go." he said.He rushed to the ER my stomach hurt worse every second. they brought me into a room and we checked the baby. "How is our baby?" Niall asked. "Im gonna go get the doctor ill be right back." the nurse said. The Doctor looked concerned. "how is the baby?" "I am so sorry, I cant find the heartbeat. ill give you a minuet." the doctor and the nurse left the room. I looked at Niall and started to cry. "Niall i wanted this baby so bad." I said wipping my tears. Niall was crying too. "So did I. But we can try again." He said. I got up. "Lets go. i want to go home." i said. "OK lets go." he says. We went home. I went strait to my room and laid in my bed. I was crying really hard. Niall walked in and laid beside me "Baby im so sorry I love you." he wispered in my ear. "I cant believe we lost the baby. what did i do. I tried to keep healthy." i said i turned to Niall and barried my face in his cheast and cried. He kissed my head. I got up and went to the kitchen to tell everyone that knew. "Niall!' I yelled. "What?" "lets go tell the boys in person." I said. Niall looked at my like i was crazy. "I just want to get past this as soon as possible. Niall it hurts way to bad, I just want to get past it." I say I felt tears going down my face. 'Oh baby. We just found out. I know it hurts, im in pain too." Niall says while hugging me. "It hurts I wanted it so bad. I couldn't wait to be a mommy." I say. "I couldn't wait to be a daddy. We can try again." he started to cry. "Lets just call them.' He say. He daled there number. "Hello? Yea louis can you tell the boys that..we lost the baby. yea I know, we are not doing good. Its ok. Ill talk to you later.Bye" I was sitting on the sofa. I was thinking about what life would have been like if i hadn't had a miscarage. "Im going to bed." I say walking to my room. Niall followed. we laid in bed together. We cried together. He held me tight. "Niall I love you." I say. "I love you too." As we drifted off to sleep I was happy that i still had Niall.

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