Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


8. Graduation day

A couple day later I was getting ready for my graduation. I had everything packed for the tour. "Niall! does this look ok?" i ask. He walk into the bathroom. "Baby you look perfect!" He says kissing me. "Thanks." We drive to the college. I waited till my name was called. "Hannah Horan." I walk up and grabed my deploma. I heard Niall and the boys yelling and clapping. "Thats my wife!" Niall yelled. "WOOHOO!! We love ya Hannah!" Louis says. I laugh along with my teachers. "Well looks like you even more famous than you husband." My teachers giggled. After everything was said and done The boys walked up to me and hugged me. "Niall an i talk to you alone please." I say walking away smiling. My belly was getting a little bigger the past few weeks.I had also missed my period for that month. I thought i was pregnant again. "What did you need babe?" Niall asked. "Niall, I think im pregnant." I say. Niall looked shocked. "Niall are you ok?" I ask. "Oh my gosh. Hannah we need to find out as soon as possible!" He says grabbing my hand. "Niall I dont want people knowing unless its true. Only the boys should know!" I say. Niall runs a head of me. "BOYS!" "whats wronge Niall?" "Hannah thinks she is pregnant!" "OH! Congrats!" they all hug me again. "Guys im not sure yet." I say. "well lets go find out! Ill buy the pregnancy test." Liam says. I giggle "No ill buy it. it would make for sense that weay." I say. We went to the store and bought one. I went to the bathroom. I waited five minuets and the pregnantcy test came out positive. I walked out of the bathroom to see the boys standing and waiting like puppys waiting for there owners to come home. "What is it?" Niall asks. "Niall im pregant!" Niall HUgged me and picked me up and swirled me around. When he put me down he kissed me. "we are finally getting a baby!" Niall says the boys hug us both. Then the shock came in to my mind. Fear hit me. "Niall when im in my 4th trimester i cant go on a plane." "Well we will make sure we are near home then." He says. "Niall im a couple months along. Most likely." I say. "We will figure it out, but we have to go the boys and i have a surprise for you." Niall says. I smile. Niall was happy, so was I.

We went to Harrys home. Niall made me close my eyes he led me in to the door. When he let me open my eyes I saw all my friends and family. "OH MY GOSH!!" I huged everyone. I also told everon that i was pregnat. Everyone was thrilled. It was really late and Niall and I went home. I was so happy, everything i wanted I finally had. I was smiling like an idiot. "What are you smiling at?" Niall asked. "Just think about how my life is perfect." I say. We pulled into the drive way. I went strait to bed. "Babe the plane doesnt leave till three tomorrow. do you wanna go shopping for the baby?" Niall asked. "Yea. But no clothes we need to know the gender first. We can get the crib and the car seat." I say drifting off to sleep. "OK i love ya." He says right before we both fell asleep.

I woke up at ten in the morning. Niall was already in the kitchen. He had made us both breakfast. We ate then got ready to go shopping. We put our bags in the car because from the store we where gonna leave to the airport. "OK hereis the plane we will shop till one and then come home drop off the crib and bring the car seat with us." Niall says. "sound like a plan." "It is a the plan." Niall says. We drove to 'Babys R Us.' we looked at the cribs. We choose the one with blue and pink on it. We looked at the car seats. when we where done we drove home. Niall put the crib inside. We drove an hour to where we were gonna meet the boys. We put our stuff in the van. Paul drove us to the airport. When we got there girls where all over the boys. "can we take a picture with you guys." A girl asked the boys. "Sure" they say. After the pics where all taken, the same girl came up to me. "I hear you lost you baby a few months ago. Im so sorry about that." "Its ok. Just between you and me, Im pregnat again. NO fans now yet. exept you." I say. She smiles. "Omg congrats! here." she hands me a piece of paper. "Its my number. If you want please call me when you have the baby. I really want to see it." "Ok Ill have Niall text you when we are at the hospitle." I say. then I hear Niall "Hannah. We have to go." "welp husband calls. Ill text ya but if i do you cant give out my number. you promise." "promise. Bye Hannah have a safe trip!" She says. I walk with Niall to the tourminal. We gave our tickets to the guy then walked to the airplane. Niall and I found a seat together near the boys. Most the girls that where on there talked with us. When we landed it was around 12. We got a hotel room with the boys. Louis and Harry where in the room with us. Zayn and Liam where in the next one with paul. Niall and I had ahard time sleeping, because Harry and Louis where fighting over who gets the extra pillow. "GUYs! Im tired. Pregnant people need sleep!" I yell. "Sorry Hannah." Harry says. I throw them my extra pillow that I didnt need. We fell asleep finally. Louis woke us up the next morning. "Guys we have to go practice." he says. "Niall while we are here maybe we can get a doctors apointment." i say. "Ill make one if you want me too." Niall says. "Alright" I say. We all got up and went down stairs to eat breakfast. So many girls where around. I was a little jelouse because i wanted Nialls attention. I loved his fans but my pregnancy hormones where acting up.

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