Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


9. everywhere

I ate breakfast alone. Niall and the boys where with there fans. Niall walked over to me. "We need to go our doctor apointment is in an hour and its gonna take a while to get out of here." He told me. I nod. we walk through the crrowd to the door leading outside. "Exuse me! Please let us through!" Niall yelled. He was holding my hand. "Wait Hannah!!" The press was following us. Someone had tripped me, i fell. "Oh my gosh! Hannah are you ok?!" Niall yells halping me up. "I hurt my leg." I said. Niall Picked me up and carried me to the car. We got in. "Did you hit your stomach?" Niall asked. "No" I said. We drove to the appointent. When we got there, girls where everywhere. We where almost to the door when a girl grabbed my sholder and turned me around. "Hey! your hannha Nialls wife!" He says "Yea." "Why are you here?" she asked. I heard Niall behind me. "Babe we have to get in there." "hold on Niall." I said I turned to the girl. She was my age. I knew i had seen her before. "Do I know you?"  I asked. "Well I wold hope so. Im Bailey, remember?" Of cource i remembered her. When i was in grade school she was really mean to me. "Babe we have to go!" Niall said. "I have to go. Niace seeing you again!" I said as i walked away. She waved at me. when we got inside and went into the back room everything seemed normal. No girls all over my husband, no poparrazzi. Just me and Niall getting ready to see our baby. "Hey" the doctor walked in. she set me up and she searched for the baby. when we found it it was a small dot looking thing. "This is your baby." She says while pointing to it. I started to cry. I coudnt believe we where gonna have a baby! "Niall! Oh My Gosh its our baby!" I said hugging him. He just stared at the screen. "I cant believe it. Im gonna be a dad." I could tell that was when it hit him that we where gonna be parents. We walked outside and tried to get into the car. The girls where crazy. A girl stopped Niall and they started to talk. "Oh My Gosh Niall!! I cant believe its actually you!" She said. "In the flesh."He said back. She stared at him. She leand in so qiuckly and kissed him on the lips. I got mad really quick Niall couldnt even react. "Really!" I walk up to her. I was going to slap her but I thought of my baby. "Do you know who i am?" I say. Niall grabed my ar "Hannah Stop!' He yelled. I pulled loose. "Your his wife. the only reason why i didnt have a chance with him." She had the snottiest look on her face. I was dumbfounded. I slapped her. she hit me pack we where pulling hair and hitting. I made damn sure she wouldnt hit my stomach. Niall tried to breack us up. "HANNAH THE BABY!" He yelled. It took paul and another body gaurd to break up apart. "Bitch!" She yelled at me. Paul was careful with me. He set me down. I Turned to Niall. Even though I knew he didnt mean for it to happen i turned away furious at him. I got into the car and started to cry. My day wasnt going very well. Niall got into the car and looked at me. "Hannha what the hell!" I looked at him tears still going down my face. "Niall? She kissed you!" I said. He looked at me. He hugged me, it only made me cry worse. "Baby she doesnt mean a thing to me. You do." He says. He kissed my head. "Did she hurt your stomach?" He asked. "No I made sure it was just my face and arm that got hurt.She didnt punch that hard." I laughed. (I punched her in her nose When Paul took me away i looked at her. Her nose was gushing bloode. "Well you do. you left with nothing. she left with a broken nose!" He laughed. We went back to the hotel. We went the back way so we wouldnt have a huge crowed to go through. All the girls i saw in the back where really nice. "I heard you got n a fight with a fan! She kissed Niall!" One said. "Thats already up?" I said. "Yea! It also says Niall yelled at you saying hannah the baby, whats that about?" She asked. "Honestly i think he said hannah my baby." I laughed "Oh" she said "I got to go but you girlls have a good night>" I said while Niall led me to the door. We went to our room where the boys where on there laptops. "Hey" Niall says. "Hey i heard hannah got into a fight" Harry says. "what was that about" Louis asks. "Did she hurt her?" Liam asked. He sounded consernd. "I think she did." Zayn said. "Guys! She kissed Niall. I got mad. I punched her and broke her nose." I said smiling. They all looked shocked. Liam was the first to speak. "She kissed Niall? well now i dont feel bad for you hurting her." He said. I was shocked he said that. "yea she kissed me! She could have hurt the baby! Thats why I was mad that Hannah And she faught." Nialls voice was not happy. "Niall what was i supose to do just take it? It wasnt like i could stand backand watch the man I love be kissed by a fan!" I said. I was mad. "Hannah she wasnt even a good kisser!" He said. It wasnt a good argument. "Niall..." He looked at me. I walked away mad. Niall wasnt mad when we where near the fans. I know Niall loves me, but does he love his fans more?

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