Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


6. Everything has been desided

We get to the fair and the huge Fairess wheel had pretty lights that changed colors. It was so beautiful reflecting on the water. "Niall look its so pretty." I say looking at the water. "Yea it is." He says. He kisses me. I look at him and smile. "OOOOOOOOO!! Kissy kissy" Harry says. while Liam,Zayn,and Louis made kissing faces. I laughed. "Dont you guys have rides to ride?" Niall asked. "fine we get the picture. Come on guys lets leave this happy couple alone." Liam said. They left.I looked up at Niall. "So do you wanna go on the ferris wheel?" Niall asked. "Im scared of hights Niall." i say. "Come on ill keep you safe. I promise." he says. "Fine but if I dont feel safe for just one second. Ill make u walk home." I gigglewe get on the ride, I was scared but I knew Niall would hold me close. "So we talked tour dated and we desided you have to go. Because we need a woman with us. And the boys love u!" Niall said. "Niall what about El or Daniele. I mean I am going to go but are they going?" I ask. "Yea they are going. For half of it. But they really want you to go." He says. I smile. El was one of my friends and i was happy she was going. When we got to the top of the ride it stopped. I Flipped ou a little bit. "Hey babe its ok. they are just letting people off." He points. "Im scared Niall hold me!" I say. I huugged him. He held me tight. We got off the ride and The Boys where waiting for us. "Hey boys whats up?" I ask. "Nothin much." Liam said. "yyou guys wanna ride the eggs?" there was always a ride we call it the eggs, it was a ferris wheel that you can spin and sometimes it gets stuck upside down. Its really fast too. "yea!" we all got on. Two in each egg. Niall and I in one. Liam and zayn,then louis and Harry in two otherss.Niall and i where at the top and the ride stopped, we where stuck upside down. "Ive always wanted to be kissed while im upside down." Niall tells me. I look at him and kiss him. It seemed like we where happy again. Like the baby thing never happened. When we all got off we desided we would go home. We all said our goodbyes and got into our cars to go home. "We should try again. Soon." Niall says. I didnt say anything. I just smiled. I wanted to try again but i didnt know if now was the right time.

When we drove into the drive way Niall unlocked the door. We walked in i was tired but niall had other plans for me. He started to kiss me, we just dropped all our stuff we didnt even bother turning on the lights. he lead me to the bedroom. we had an amazing night. I woke up in Nialls arms. I didnt move i just lookedat him, never blinked, just looked and smiled. I was happy to have Niall. I loved him and i know he loves me.

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