Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


3. Everyone knows

I woke up really hungry. I woke up niall. "I want food." i say. "babe its 3 in the morning." "please" i say. he got up and brought back cheese and crackers. We both ate it. I woke up to Niall talking on the phone. "Babe?" i say. "Hey i called our parents they say congrats. Breakfast is on the table." we satdown and ate. 'babe i have class today. WHat do you have to do?" I ask."Im with the boys. we are setting up tour dates.Babe when is the baby do?" He asks. "Well its may now. ive been pregnant for 2 months so in december. Oh crap! My birthday is in a week!" i say. With in all the exitment i had forgot."I didnt forget." Niall says. I smiled."I have to go. Bye babe love you." I walked out the door. I got in my car and drove to class. Chelo was where she was normally. "Hey did you tell Niall yet?" she asked. "Yes. OH! and Harry said he wanted to go out sometime." i say walking into class. "Hey Hannah and Chelo! Guess what!" our friend Matt said. "What?" i asked while i sat down in my seat. "We heard your pregnant Hannah. Is this true?" he asks. The teacher walked in. "Hello class. Hannah come here i need to speak with you." she says. "Yes Mrs. Mac." I say walking up to her desk. "I hear your pregnant." she says. "where is everyone hearing that?" i ask "Im friends with Nialls Mom. I didnt say anything to anyone." "Yes i am. I have een for 2 months now." I say smiling. "well now its a good thing your graduating in a few weeks. When you have your baby bring her hear sometime, i must see her." she says. "I will." i say walking to my seat. "Is it ok that i anounce it to the class Hannah?" she asks. "Oh ill do it." I say getting out of my seat. I went to the front of the class."Guys im sure most of you have heard that i am pregnant, which is true. Im pregnant. I am very scared, because if I cant go on tour with Niall, He wont be there when the baby is born.I have been pregnant for 2 months. So yea." I say. I sat down and Matt,who sits beside me, yells. "OMG i cant believe you having a baby!!" "can we get to class I want to graduate before the baby comes." I giggle.I got my homework done and turned it in. Then I left. I knew Niall would be at the studio. i walked into the room they where in. 'Hey babe how are you?" Niall asked. "Im OK did you tell th eboys yet?" I asked. "No i thought we both could tell them." he said. "Lets go tell them then." I say. "Boys can we tell you something." "sure hannah what is it?" they ask. "guys im pregnant!" I say. They all stand up and hug me and Niall. I was really happy about the baby it seemed like everyone else was too. "have you thought about names yet?" Harry asked. "I have had names in my head ever since I was10. But i want to hear Nialls ideas first." I said. I looked at Niall. "I honestly dont know." He said. "Hannah?" Louis says. "Emma marie, or Ashley marie. if a girl. if a boy it would be Tomas jason or jeremy dean." I say. "There amazing names." Zayn said. "Niall i actually have to go to the doctors. Do you wanna come or aree you busy?" I ask. "No im coming. Ill see you guys later." Niall says to the boys. We go to my car because Niall didnt bring his car today.

when we got to the doctors my stomache was hurting. "Niall my shomach hurts." "well where gonna go into the room soon." he says hugging me. "Hannah Horan the doctor is ready for you." Niall and I go into a room where i laid down. The doctors checked the baby. Everything looked fine. "My stomach has been hurting a lot today." I tell my doctor. "That is normal." she says. Niall and i drove home. "Niall im tired im gonna go to bed." It wasn't that late but i was really tired. "Ok babe ill be there in a bit. I have to take a shower." He says. I went to my room an went to sleep.

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