Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


11. Dublin...Mungliar.....

I woke up to the boys even paul shacking me. "Hannah!! Are you OK?" I heard Niall yell. I woke up. WHen i saw Niall i started to cry. "Oh my gosh Niall it was horifiying! A man came after me I ran and he killed you then me." I cried really hard. I was sweating. "Its Ok baby it was a dream. We are ok." He says hugging me. "We are in Dublin. I think me and you are gonna go to see my mum. Unless you wanna go tomorrow after the concert." He says. "Can we go tomorrow. I just want to spend today with you and the boys." I said to Niall, He nodded. We went to the hotel and checked in. The crowed was bigger than before. I didnt mind this time. After I hit that girl, I felt better. "Niall lets go say hello to the fans." I said. "Ok lets just put our stuff in the room." He says. Niall and I walked upstairs hand in hand. When we where ready we went outside. The girls where nicer now that they knew i was prregnant. "Hey Hannah we have a present for you,Niall,and the baby!" Two girlssaid they handed me and Niall a card and a gift. we opened it and there was a little blanket it looked like it was hand made and not just bought from Wal-Mart or someplace. "Oh my! Its beautiful!. Hey ca i have ur guy's address? I want to send you pictures of the baby wrapped in this blanket." I said. "Yea!" They said giving me there address. We walked through the crowd. I was happy that all the Girls where so nice. I was getting a little hungry, But i figured that was because i was pregnant. "Niall lets go get some food." I say. He led me to the car and we went to Nanados. I hadn't been there before. where we lived we didn't have Nandos. I was exited to finally try it. We ate and it was delisious. My stomach was bigger i had noticed. It was odd because the baby looked like a dot on the screen. Although I remember the doctor say that the screen makes things smaller. Niall sat beside me. He rubbed my stomach. "I cant believe this is my baby." He says. "Me Niether. Niall I was thinking that maybe If its OK with your mom, I could stay with her. I dont want to take the chance of falliing again. Last time i was lucky not to fall on my stomach." He thought a while. "But then I would miss a lot of the pregnancy.. maybe even the birth of my own child.. But it is better." I looked to him. I didnt want to stay at his moms I just thought it would be better. "Ill ask mom. But ill visit every few weeks. And ill call every night. I promise." He said. I knew he didnt want to leave me with his mom. I didnt want to be there without him. I hugged him. It was an in the moment thing. "Ill be sure that if i go into labor i wont have the baby without you in the room." I said. He laughed. "What about you seeing you mom in the US? We leave for there in a month." he says. "Well if I am able to go I want too." I said. We paid the bill and left. We drove to the Hotel. I was tired. so was Niall. We took a power nap. I woke up to the boys walking in. They where really loud,but Laim hushed them. I didnt open my eyes I didnt want to. I was to tired. I heard them say 'Look at them. Arent they cute?' Niall woke up and started hushing the boys. He thought I was still alseep. "Guys She is sleeping." I opened my eyes and got up. I Said hello to the boys. I looked at the clock, it was almost three. I was still tired. I went to the bathroom. when i came out Niall was gone. "where did Niall go?" I asked. "He went to get something for you." Liam said. Liam was like my Big brother. All the boys had a role in my life. Liam my big brother, Louis my Bestfriend,Zayn was the person i went to for advice, and Harry was my shoulder to cry on. I had Niall for these things most the time,but when I didnt I had the boys. They where family, not just 'The Boys' when I had my baby I would make damn sure they knew them as there Uncles. Niall walked in with a medium sized box. It was wrapped with pocka dotted wrapping paper. It had a huge bow on it. "Here Hannah. Its from us to you." Niall said. I opened it and it was baby clothes. They where so cute. One had a bear on it. Another had a dinosaur on it saying 'Can i have a hug?' I hugged the boys then Niall. I thanked them all. "I called my mom. she said it was OK If you stayed with her fora while." He says. He rubbed my belly. He looked sad. "Niall whats wrong?" I asked. "Nothing. I just wish I could be there for you thew everything you will go though." He was still touching my stomach. "You will be. Trust me. As long as your there when the baby is born you will be there." I say. I smile trying to make him feel better. I knew i probably didnt help much. We all went out to eat. Niall and I where quiet the whole time. When we got back it was around nine and so we all just went to bed. Niall and The Boys where going to visit Nialls parents tomorrow. "Niall" I say. "What?" "I Love you. I dont think I say it as much as I should.You're the best husband anyone can ask for. And you'll be the best father." "I love you too. And you'll be the best Mother." We drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the girls outside screaming. "Niall?" I said trying to wake him. "Im awake." He said. "Maybe we all should get ready to go." I said. "Ill wake the boys." He said When he got up i was heading for the shower. I heard the boys outside the doors. Paul was in the room with them. Wheni was changed I went into the room. "Hey guys! Hey Paul. Good Morning." I tried to act happy. But in reality I was terified and sad. I didn't want to be without Niall for a few more months. 'Good Morning Hannah how are you feeliing?" Paul asked. "Im Ok the babys Fine." I said "when My wife was pregnant she had morning sickness her third month in so be ready." He said. I smiles "Oh goody!" I said sarcasticly.I looked at Niall who was packing the babys stuff in my suitcase. He was like me, acting happy. "Niall. Do you want help?" I asked. I looked at the boys. I gave them a look like can you leave us alone for a sec, kinda look. They all got the hint. They left. "Niall? Ill be OK." "I know. I just dont want to be without you." He said. "I dont want to be without you either." I looked at him. I saw tears in his eyes. I felt them in mine aswell. I started to cry. I was more emotinal than normal because of my hormons. "Shhh.. its Ok. Hannah. Ill Visit and call. I Promised." Niall said. "I know. I will just Miss you." I said. we stood there like that for a while. My stomach didnt touch his body yet, but it was really close. I pulled away. Niall Rubbed my stomach, He loved the feeling of it. The feeling of the baby in his wifes belly. "I cant wait to see the baby." He said. "Me either." "Im really gonna miss rubbing your stomach everyday." He said smiling. I saw a tear go down his face. "Baby Its not like this is gonna be our last baby." He smiled. "we should go." He said. We walked down stairs. His arm was around my shoulder. when we walked outside Niall walked in front of me. Paul walked behind me. They wanted to make sure I wouldn't get hurt. When we got into the car everyone was silent. I felt my phone buzz. It was Liam. Even though he was right next to me. The text said 'Everything is gonna be OK.' I looked to Liam he was smiling. I texted him back saying 'Im scared Liam. Im gonna Miss you guys!' I added a sad face to it. e looked at me and gave a shy smile telling me he knew. I looked to Niall who was looking out the window. I kissed his cheek. He looked at me and gave me the same shy smile Liam gave me. I knew everyone was nervous about everything. We drove for what seemed like a lifetime. When we finally got to Nialls Moms house i had to pee like a russin race horse. I went straite to the bathroom. When I came out Niall was talking to his mom. I walked over to them. When I did they stopped talking. I looked at them. "Oh Dear! Look at you." She looked at my stomach. Niall turned to me and smiled. he was looking at my stomach too. "well Hannah Give me a hug!" maura said. I hugged her. "Its so nice to see you agan Maura!" I said. She smiled. The other boys walked in and where yelling. They where rough housing. "Hey Boys! I dont mean to be a downer but there are several reasons why i dont want you to do that in here!" Maura yelled. "One we have a pregnant woman over her and two its dinner time." She laughed. We all dished up our food. We at and talked. I was getting even more nervous every second. I didnt want Niall to go. I wanted him to stay with me."Boys we have to go." Paul said. "Ok"Everyone said but Niall. He had a sad look on his face. They all got up and put there dishes in the sink. They all hugged me goodbye. Niall was the last to. "I love you Hannah. Ill call you tomorrow when i get up. And Ill see you soon." we both where crying. "Niall! I love you so much!" we where hugging for a few minuets. When we pulled apart Niall rubbed my belly. "I guess ill see you later babe." He said. "Ill be waiting. I love you." "I love you too." We kissed. tears still streaming down my face. He got into the car and drove off. I cried for a while. Maura tried to help me. "Darling he will be back soon." She said. I looked at my stomach and rubbed it. I tried to make it feel like Niall was rubbing it. I couldnt do it. I had tears streaming down my face dripping to my stomach. I went to bed and cried my self to sleep. I missed Niall. I wanted to be with him.

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