Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


7. Baby Lux

Niall woke up and saw that I was looking at him. "Hey baby..How are you?" He asks. I smiled. "I am great. How are you?" I ask as i get up."Well i have the most beautiful girl in the world. I have the most amazing job in the world. And most inportantly I am happy. So im great!" he says as he gets dressed. "I have to go to the studio today. Do you wanna come?" "I think ill stay home. I have to clean up and pack for The tour in a couple weeks." I say. Niall smiled. I knew he was up to somthing. But i didnt say anything about it. "Niall I love you." i say right before i kissed him."I love you too." he says then kissed me back."OK i have to go. But you need to pack. We are leaving the day after you graduate." Niall tells me. Right before he left he kissed me. Niall was my fist kiss. When we kissed the first time I knew we would be together forever. I watched as he walked out the door. I was happy. I watched TV for a while, Then fixed lunch. I had an egg sandwich. As i was doing the dishes Niall walked throught the door. "Hey babe how was your day?" he asks. "Well it was OK. I missed you." I say. I looked into his eyes, they where cheerful. I loved Niall. I relized i was staring. I looked away. "The boys are bringing somthing in for you. harry hen Chelo and he are gonna go out." Niall says. I walk outside. I see the boys with Lux. "Awww hey Lux. Why is she here?" I ask. "Well her mommy and daddy went out and asked if one of us could babysit.We couldnt so we thought you,Niall,and Harry could."Louis says. I look to Liam and Zayn. They both nod."OK Harry Niall are you gonna help or bail?" I ask. Eventhough i wanted to take care of her alone they both said they would help. "Actually I think i wanna take Chelo out tonight, Unless you need help." Harry says. "Go call her." I say. I was happy it was just Niall and I. The boys leave. Harry was still inside getting ready for his date. I had lux in my arms. "Welp Hannah what do you wanna do." Niall asks. "I want to play with Lux." I say smiling like at Lux. She was staring at me. I put her down and held her hand. We walking into the house and played with the toys I had from when i was a kid. I saw Harry walk into the room with one of Nialls suits "Well Now Harry arent you handsome. Chelo is gonna love ya." I say still on the floor playing with lux. "Yoo think?" "I know" Niall walked in and laughed. "Dont you think you could ask before you wear my stuff? You look good.why dont you go pick her up." HArry nods and then turns ro me and Lux. "Thanks Hannah." He says then he leans over and kisses Luxs head. "Bye baby Uncle Harry will be back soon." He says then he Leaves. "Look at her isnt she cute!!" I say Niall nods then sita down nest to me and starts to play with her. "Ill make dinner. When is her bed time?" it was almost eight. "Umm I think its 8:30." I pick Lux up and grab her food that her mom packed for her. I sat her down in the kitchen and fed  her peaches. After supper i made NIall and i a sandwich and we ate. I drew Lux a bath and washed her. Niall set up a Play pin for her. I sang to her. She fell asleep within ten minuets. We set her in the play pin and I just watched her sleep. I wanted a baby ever since Niall and I got married. "Are you OK?" Niall asks. "Yea. Im just thinking." I say  Niall and i lay down in our bed and Niall wispered into my ear. "I want a baby too." I knew he wasnt lying. Niall starts to sing to me. I fell sleep with his arms around me.

I woke up to Lux crying. I got up and looked to the clock, it was three in the morning. "Hey baby whats wrong" i say then i picked her up. I sing my favorite song to her. She fell asleep again. About an Hour later Harry came back to get Lux. WHen they left i woke up Niall. "Niall, Harry just took Lux." "Ok" He says. We both fall asleep quickly

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