Forever Together

I dont know how to explain it. Basiclly Hannah is pregnant and needs to tell Niall but something happens somthing unexpected. ull just have to read and find out


1. Chapter 1

I woke up and went to the bathroom, I took a shower. Knowing My husbad Would be up soon. When I got dressed and brushed my teeth I did my hair and makeup. After that i went to the kitchen and fixed eggs,sausage,and bread,in the corner of my eye i saw Niall, My husband,of 2 years just wake up. "Good morning sunshine the earth says Hello." I say with a little laugh. "you know i hate that saying, but coming from you its so cute." he says. I brougth our breakfast to the table. "Its ten already i gotta get to class soon." i say. i Had been going to college for almost 4 years now i graduate in a month. "Ill see you this after noon?" i ask. "Im with the boys." Niall says whille he is stuffing his face. I was too. Our whole marraige has been a rush,But we make time for eachother."Ok ill see you tonight i have to go. Bye babe love you." I say while i was walking out of our home.

I drove to my class to see my friend Chelo in frount waiting for me. "Hey Chelo." i said. "Hey Hannah Ive been thinking." she says. "OH NO!!! WERE ALL GONNA DIE CHELOS BEEN THINKING!!" I giggle. "Hannah! this is serious! i was thinking since your married to Niall you could ask Harry out for me." she has liked Harry for a long time. They have met plenty times before. "sure." i say.After class i go to the studio to say hello. I walk in to see Claire, A girl who has been trying to break Niall and I up ever since we got together. They dated once, but he thinks she is crazy."Hey Hannah the boys are in there." she points to the door to her right."Thanks." i say walking in. The boys where playing pokemon, i didnt see Niall anywhere. "Hey boys, where is Niall?" i ask. "Bathroom.' Liam says not looking up from his game. "OK. how many more songs do you guys have left to do? maybe we can go to the fair." i say. "One more." Zayn says. Niall walks in. "Hey boys lets get this done so i can go home to my beautiful wife." he says. Everyone looked to me. I was blushing. "Oh now whats her name?" i say. "Hey babe." Niall says. the boys get up and go into the recording room. Near the middle of the song i was looking through my purse and found a pad. I had been rushing so much i forgot i hadnt had my period for 2 months. I rushed to the bathroom. I had a pregnancy test with me at all times. I took it and it said i was pregnant. The boys had just got done with there song When i walked in. I didnt want to tell anyone yet I had to be sure. Even though i was happy to be pregnant i didnt know how to tell Niall yet. Niall and i drove home in seprate cars. I called Chelo "Hello?" "Chelo Im pregnant!!!" i screamed "WHAT!! omg did you tell Niall yet?" she asked "No i want to be completly sure im going to call the doctor and make an apointment." We talked bout it then i got home and we hung up. I made dinner. Chicken,Mashed potatoes,and corn. "I think im gonna go p the doctors tomorrow. Just for a check up." i say while i was eating."Ok." he says. "Niall. i love you." i say. " love you too babe." He says back. We went to bed right after dinner. He cuddled with me. i felt safe. I knew that if i was pregnant My baby would have a good Father.

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