two can play this ;)

sophia is the new bad girl that noone knows anythting about what will happen when when the school bad boy zayn malik that can get anygirlhe wants has his eyes on her is he up for the challange read and u'll find out :)


2. first day

sophia pov

the next morning i woke extra early knowing i had school today  i took a long shower when i got out i went thorugh all my clothes and then i went with a pair of black high short shorts and a white shirt with a leather jacket i wore my black and white converse i brushed my long blond hair and then i put my hair up into a messy bun and then put a red bandana on.i went down stairs to eat some breakfast.while i was eating my mom told me that my cousin was going to get here in little because i was going with her mom thinks she a angel...which shes FAR from being.I heard a knock at the door and there she was the slut or shuld i say my cousin she gave me a fake smile and then we were gone i got into her car i put on my headphones and started listening to some ed sheeran oh my that ginger jesus.Then we got to school augh here we go once we got into the parking lot there it was i saw everyonee hugging each other augh and then i was intarupted by kim (my cousin) she looked at me and she started ok at school u dont know me and idont know u dont talk to me look at me or anything its not u its just thatt...i stoped her with and  i dont care face expression which i really didnt care ok stop i really could careless ok kim looked shoked i got out of the car this school better be ready for sophia because shit is about to get real while i was heading to the school i felt all eyes on me and whispers saying" who is she omg shes fit"i smiled to myslf knowing the affect i had on all the guys while i was walking i saw a group of five boys one that had a buzz cut and a blond boy with  braces a curly headed one and one that was wearing stripes and then there was the last boy he had a quiff and was wearing a varsity jacket they were sitting around the stairs so it means i had to walk in the middle "GREAT" they looked like they were one of those popular kids in school they were all looking at me they were checking me out it felt weird when i passed them i felt them all looking at me so i turned around with a grin on my face and said take a pic it'll last longer they all looked shocked i saw the boy with the varsity jacket smirking at me and with that i turned around and walked away.i walked in the building augh i couldnt find the office well today should be intresting and then i felt a hand on my shoulder................................AUTORS NOTE :hi guys i really suck at this lol but what do u think so far plz comment what u think and what i should change by :D

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