Falling For My Bullies

Nicki is your average girl. She has 5 bullies. Yup you guessed right they are one direction. I'm not telling you anymore read it to find out more. Warning lots of swear words :)


11. why does love always feel like a battlefield?

I woke to the the smell of food. I went downstairs to find Louis and Harry eating breakfast. "Good morning" harry and Louis said in unison. "Good morning" I said back. I sat down and harry handed me a plate with my breakfast in it. I started eating "so nicki have you thought about being my girlfriend" harry said. This almost made me choke on my food. But before I could even answer Louis said "whoa whoa, I asked nicki first" "no I asked her first" harry said back. "It doesn't matter she's mine" Louis said. They kept arguing until it turned into a fight. Oh god what was I suppose to do now? Just then niall came in. Thank goodness somebody came to stop the fight. "Hoe hoe hoe it right there. Why are you two fighting?" Niall asked them. "Nicki is mine!" They both shouted at each other. "No nicki is mine! I made her mine!" Niall shouted at them. "WHAT!?!?" Harry and Louis shouted at niall with confused looks. "Umm... I meant she's made for me yeah that's what I meant" niall said. Then they kept arguing and then niall punched Louis which meant the fight had started again. At that moment zayn came in "what the hell guys!? Stop fighting!" Zayn told them. "Not until they admit nicki is mine!" Harry said. "Wait a minute nicki is mine!" Zayn said. "There's only one way to find out. Nicki who do choose?" Louis asked. "I...I...I don't know!" I shouted. "I guess we have to fight to see who wins nicki." Zayn said. "NO DON'T" I shouted at them. But they didn't hear me. Good thing Liam came he would stop the fight. He got a plate served himself breakfast and sat down. He watched the fight while eating. "WHAT THE HELL LIAM!!! AREN'T YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT!?!?" I shouted at him as I pointed to the boys fighting. "Oh yeah" Liam said. He got up and went over to the boys. "Now, now break it.." but before he finished niall punched zayn but missed and hit Liam right in the jaw. "Shit sorry dude" niall said. "OH HELL NO!!! THIS MEANS WAR!!!" Liam said and with that Liam joined the fight. I couldn't take this anymore. "I DIDN'T MEAN TO START A WAR!!!" I shouted at them before running away from the scene. I went to see if the front door was opened. Nope like always. I ran upstairs but tripped and fell on the third step. Good thing nobody saw. I got up and locked myself in my room. I layed in bed crying hearing them fight which made me cry harder. After what seemed like forever the shouting stopped and everything went quiet. I waited a few minutes and then went downstairs. I found them watching TV. "What the hell!?!? What happened?" I asked them. "We just got tired and it was just stupid to fight over you." Harry said. Thank goodness they realized how stupid it was. "By the way I won" zayn said. "Nuh uh I did" niall said. They argued about it and harry and Louis joined. They didn't fight since they were all bruised and in pain. "Nicki can I talk to you in private?" Liam said.
* A/N I got the title from the lyrics of "battlefield" by Jordan Sparks. I would also like for people to comment. Please it would mean a lot to me. :) *
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