Falling For My Bullies

Nicki is your average girl. She has 5 bullies. Yup you guessed right they are one direction. I'm not telling you anymore read it to find out more. Warning lots of swear words :)


3. The SHOCKING Truth

I woke up still tide to the bed. I felt pain everywhere and I had bruises. Then I remembered what had happened last night and cried my eyes out."shut the FUCK UP CUNT! DAMN woman I'm trying to sleep here!" Louis shouted. I couldn't stop so he slapped me and said "IF YOU DONT SHUT THE FUCK UP IM GOING TO HAVE TO HURT YOU, AND I DONT THINK YOU WANT THAT!" Hadn't he already hurt me enough? I shut up since I didn't want him to hurt me more than what he already had. He turned his back to me and went to sleep. I looked around to see what time it was. I spotted a small clock it was 7:35 am. I tried resting for a while but couldn't I kept on remembering what Louis did to me, he had taken my innocence away. Silent tears rolled down my cheeks. I noticed Louis was looking at me he looked sad. He put his clothes on and sat down next to me. Good thing the blanket was covering my body."I'm really sorry Nicky about what I did last night. You will probably not forgive me but its just that I didn't mean to and I was drunk and I couldn't stop thinking about you Nicky I, I .... I love you." I was completely shocked he untied me and before he left he kissed. His lips were so soft and I couldn't resist to kiss back. He pulled away and left but locked the door, just great I didn't know what to think anymore. I got out of my trance and changed it took me a lot of effort since I could barely feel my body. I rested and thought about what had happened yesterday and today. My thoughts were interrupted by somebody opening the door. It was niall. He was surprised to see me untied but didn't tie me back he just locked the door. Oh God was he going to rape me too?! He saw my worried face and said"don't worry I'm not going to hurt you." I was relieved and I guess he noticed since he sat next to me in the bed "you know you look gorgeous like always." I blushed, did he really just say that?! " i , I just wanted to say sorry if we have hurt you but it seems to entertain the others and they're you know my best friends. What I really want say is that I love you Nicky since the first time I saw you and I'm not joking." Before I could react or say something he kissed me oh god his lips were so sweet I didn't want him to pull away. With that he left and locked the door. Wow was I shocked I wasn't expecting that to happen in that moment someone opened the door . It was zayn. No, no, no anybody but zayn I was extremely scared of zayn. He came close to the bed he leaned in and kissed me. It was a soft nice kiss but then he started to get on top of me."zayn...no stop" I said as he was trying to take my shirt off. He fastly pulled away." I'm so sorry Nicky I, I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry its just that I love you and I have always loved you." He quickly left but pecked me on the lips and said "please don't tell anyone, love." A few moments passed and harry came in. The one I loved before her left me. I hated him the most for leaving me when I needed him the most. "I know you hate me but could you let me talk to you for at least for a minute?" I thought for a minute "sure what do I have to loose?" "I'm really, really sorry for leaving you nicky, it was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I love you Nicky, I love you more than anything in my life." I couldn't hold it anymore and let my tears fall. Harry hugged me tight letting me cry. He then kissed me it was a passionate kiss. He then apolagized again and told me he loved me and left. What was happening? Where they pulling a joke on me or something? I didn't know what to do or think anymore. Liam came in and sat next to me " I know I've caused you a lot of pain and trouble but please forgive me get to know the real me the sweet loving me. Give me another chance I understand if you don't forgive me but think about it. Before I leave I have wanted to give you this for a long time." He kissed me a sweet lovely kiss. He left and locked the door. I stood there motionless taking in everything that had happened. What was I going to do?
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