Falling For My Bullies

Nicki is your average girl. She has 5 bullies. Yup you guessed right they are one direction. I'm not telling you anymore read it to find out more. Warning lots of swear words :)


6. somehow

So after all the drama we watched the rest of the movie. I fell asleep after the movie finished.
*Next morning*
I woke up in the couch. Something smelled delicious. I got up and found harry cooking. I sat down and waited for harry to finish cooking." Hurrrry upppp! I'm fucking dying in here"I told harry. He just laughed which made me smile. I missed that laugh of his. Soon harry brought me the food. Then the others came. We all started eating. I was half way my waffles when niall tried to steal one. I just slapped his hand. "Oww" niall said. "I don't share food so back off." I said. "Someones in a mood" Liam said. After I finished I had to go to the bathroom."shit" I said to myself. I had just gotten my period. I went back to the living room where I found the harry watching TV. God this was going to be awkward. "Umm harry" "yeah?" "I just got my period and umm I need you know tampons" god this was so embarrassing. " I guess we need to go shopping" harry said. "Lads come over here" harry shouted. They all came downstairs. "We need to go buy nicki her "girly thingies" everybody else just chuckled. I blushed gosh this was embarrassing. Liam took hold of me and we all went outside to get into the van. It was kinda cold outside. I looked around at the trees since we were in the woods. I got in and harry drove us to the mall. I looked out the window I didn't know were we were. I couldn't recognize anything everything seemed new. When we arrived Liam took hold of me. "Be a good girl and don't try anything stupid or else you will be punished. As we walked around the mall I tried to see if I knew anybody. No all strangers to me. Then I started thinking of a way to escape. I had to escape somehow.
We decided that me and Louis would go for nicki's girly thingies. Liam, niall, and nicki went to get clothes for nick. Zayn just wondered around. We looked around the shelf were the "girly thingies" are. Louis got two boxes and said "which one do you think is better" I looked at the boxes. Then I got two other boxes" I think one of these are better" I said. Then we got into an argument. Then I saw that Liam, niall, and nicki were coming over to us."hey nicki which one is better" I yelled as Louis and I raised the boxes. She put her hands up to her face hidding it obviously embarrassed.
I hid my face in my hands. Some people stared at us but moved on. I just looked at the boxes and just shook my head and looked at the shelf. I got the ones I always get. We just needed zayn so we could leave. "I'm hungry!" Niall said. "I guess we have time to get a corn dog." Louis said. We all went to the food court. Everyone got a corn dog except me since I was not hungry. We were about to go look out for zayn when Liam accidently dropped the tip jar when he left his tip. The jar fell and broke. Everyone started helping picking up. I was helping when I realized this was my chance to escape. I took a run for it. I was almost to the exit when I bumped into someone. I looked up to find zayn staring at me. "Fuck" I said. I was in trouble.
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