Falling For My Bullies

Nicki is your average girl. She has 5 bullies. Yup you guessed right they are one direction. I'm not telling you anymore read it to find out more. Warning lots of swear words :)


4. Not you NIALL

*(A/N) sorry about the last chapter her name is NICKI with an I not a y it was a mistake. Well bye enjoy:)*
I was still in bed thinking about what had happened. "Nicki come down for breakfast." Liam shouted from the kitchen I guessed. "You dumbass I'm locked in here!" I shouted back. Soon Liam came and unlocked the door. I made a run for it but fell since I was still weak and the fact that I'm so clumsy. Liam helped me up and took me downstairs. I looked around everything looked secured. It was probably impossible for me to get out. Mmm something smelled good. Liam gave me a plate that had pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I began eating I probably looked like a pig but I didn't care . Soon the others joined. Harry started flirting with me. I looked around but nobody seemed to give a shit. Except for niall who looked furious. He excused himself from the table and went to his room. After I finished zayn took me to my room. Before he went he said "we're going out. Niall will stay with you until we are back. Bye, love." Hmm what should I do? I decided to take a shower. "NIALL!" I yelled. He came into my room he still looked pissed off."what do you want?"he said trying not to yell at me."are you okay niall?" "I'm fine" "well I wanted to take a shower where's the bathroom?" He took me to the bathroom and gave me a towel and left. While I was taking a shower I started singing I sounded horrible but I didn't give a shit. I felt like someone was watching me but I just pushed the thought away. I finished taking the shower and got out. I put the towel around me. I went to my room and as soon as I entered someone closed the door. I saw niall standing next to the door. "What are you doing here?" I questioned him. He still looked pissed off. "WHY WERE YOU FLIRTING WITH HARRY WHEN YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU!"he yelled at me."i..I w-wasnt f-flirting with h-him he s-started flirting w-with m-m-me" I was absolutely terrified of him right now. He pulled my towel away and threw me to the bed he started taking his clothes off. "What are you doing niall?" "I'm going to teach you a lesson so you can learn that you ARE MINE AND ONLY MINE!" He then got on top of me and I think you can figure out the rest. No not you niall I thought you were different that you had changed for the better. If he wanted me to learn the lesson I had learned it. After the "lesson" he gave me some clothes and left I just layed there crying in silence just going deep into thought remembering everything from my childhood to this moment. Which made me cry even more.
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