Falling For My Bullies

Nicki is your average girl. She has 5 bullies. Yup you guessed right they are one direction. I'm not telling you anymore read it to find out more. Warning lots of swear words :)


14. Idk what to to call this chapter

I couldn't hold it anymore and I let the tears fall. Zayn hugged and I cried my eyes out. Liam came in the room and said ''Nicki, what happened?''.''Harry had raped her when we were outside'', Zayn answered. Asshole he asked me.''Where is that pussy? I'm gonna beat his ass!!'' Liam said. At that moment Harry passed by the room, and when he saw Liam he took off running. Liam went after him and Zayn and I followed them. Harry was just running down the stairs when he tripped on one of the steps and tumbled down the stairs.''OoOOoWww!!'', he said once he fell.''I think I broke my ankle'', Harry said holding his ankle. The others were already by his side. Except Liam who went and punched Harry and the boys held him back before he attacked again.''Whoa, Liam calm down Harry's hurt we need to take him to the hospital'', Louis said.''Fine, but when he gets back i'm gonna fucking kill him!'', Liam said angrily. ''What did he do?'' Niall asked suspiciously.''He raped Nicki!'', Liam replied.Louis and Niall looked at Harry shocked.''Well, Louis, Niall, and I will take Harry to the hospital. Liam you can stay with Nicki'', Zayn said. Zayn, Niall, Louis helped Harry up and helped him get to the car. After they left I went to lay down on the couch. Liam came and said, ''Are you hungry, Nicki?''.''Yeah, would you please make me soup?'', I asked.''Of course, need anything else?''.''No thanks''. I answered. With that he left to the kitchen to make me my soup. Later he came with a bowl of soup, I thanked him and started eating. Once I finished eating, I went upstairs to sleep. I got into my bed and started to fall asleep, when Liam came out of nowhere.''Nicki, do you mind if I sleep with you?''.'' Go ahead'', I replied patting the spot next to me on the bed.He jumped on the bed and cuddled up with me. ''I love you'', he whispered.''I love you too'', I whispered back. *Next Morning* I woke and saw that Liam was not next to me. Probably downstairs cooking breakfast. I changed into typical clothes and headed downstairs. Once I went into the kitchen i noticed Harry was giving death glares. *A/N Hi, just wanted to give credit to my BFF Bianca since she is the only one who comes up with the ideas. Also a HUGE thanks to the people who read this fan-fic. I also would I appreciate it if you guys commented. I also really wanted to apologize for not updating as soon as possible. Bianca is running out of ideas, anywho could you guys give me any ideas? It would mean the world to me. You can send your ideas through twitter. I dont have a twitter but one of my friends said I could use her's. Her twitter account is @RHarryles. Please direct message your ideas and please give me your name so I can thank you. Well thanks guys LOVE YOU!*

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