Falling For My Bullies

Nicki is your average girl. She has 5 bullies. Yup you guessed right they are one direction. I'm not telling you anymore read it to find out more. Warning lots of swear words :)


9. falling for HARRY

Once again I was locked in my room. At least it was only for one week. This time I did eat and I wasn't that bored. Harry would come to my room everyday to talk to me. We catches up on many things. I had forgiven him but I still didn't fully trust him. Everyday I looked forward to seeing harry. He was so sweet and nice. I missed that part of him for such a long time. It was my last day stuck in this room. I woke up and found a plate with food on the small table the boys got few days ago. I ate my breakfast and short after harry came in. "Hey beautiful how you feeling?" harry asked. "Fine what about you?" I asked. "Good I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go out for dinner with me tonight?" I stood there for a moment thinking and a little shocked. "Of course harry, I would love to" I said flattered. "OK be ready by 7:30" "OK"I said. With that he left. So it was 12pm I had 7 hours to get ready. So I took a beauty nap for 4 hours. I got up and thought about the date with harry. An hour had passed so I looked through the clothes and found this black tight dress and matched it with black high heels. I went to take a shower. After the shower I got out and stupid me forgot to take a towel. So I ran to my room but slipped. "Shit" I said to myself. "LOOK AT HER LOOK AT HER AND LAUGH" Louis said. Unfortunately Liam, zayn, and niall were there in time to see me slip. They were laughing at me while I tried to stand up. "How does it feel nicki? Cause it feels like karma bitch." Louis said. He and the others left. Still covering myself I slowly walked to my room. Thankfully I got there without humiliating myself again. I put on the dress and heels. I looked to see if there was make up. I found some and put on lipstick and a little eye shadow. I brushed my hair and soon I was done. Harry came in ten minutes later. "Wow you look gorgeous" he said. I blushed a little. We soon arrived. I was surprised to see where we were. We were at MacDonald. I should've asked where we were going cause now I was a little embarrassed. Harry went to get our food while I waited. Some people looked at me weird but I just ignored it. Soon harry came with our food. We just talked and joked around.
We had arrived at the cabin. He took me to my room."I really had a great time" I said. "Me too. Goodnight beautiful."Harry said. Before he left he kissed me. I played in my bed thinking about the date. Wait was it even a date? I didn't care but one thing was for sure. I was falling for harry.
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