Falling For My Bullies

Nicki is your average girl. She has 5 bullies. Yup you guessed right they are one direction. I'm not telling you anymore read it to find out more. Warning lots of swear words :)


2. A Big Mistake

Right after I kicked him in the balls, the rest of them laughed. Zayn stared at me with anger in his eyes. I stepped back and started running outside the school and ran down the stairs while I was running down the stairs I tripped on one of the steps and rolled down the steps. Clumsy me -.-. Luckily, I was able to get up and starting trudging to my house. I heard footsteps behind me. Yep there they were. I tried running but because of my broken ankle Louis and harry grabbed my arms and put me in a van that came out of nowhere. Someone hit me in the head and everything went black. I woke up in a bed with my arms and feet tied to the bed. There was a tape on my mouth preventing me from screaming for help. I heard footsteps so I pretended to be asleep. The door slammed open "wake up cunt we know your not asleep" I opened my eyes it was Niall that had said that he took of the tape in my mouth"where am I?" I asked "you are in my cabin. Nobody will find you here its pretty far away from home nd its very well hid." Harry said "WHOA. Wait a minute, its not YOUR cabin its MINE!" Louis said "No its MY CABIN!" Zayn yelled. Then everyone started arguing about who's cabin it was "I DON'T CARE WHO'S FUCKING CABINTHIS IS!!!!! I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!!!!" I screamed ending the argument. They left and I fell asleep. Later Liam came in with food. God was I hungry. He untied me and I ate, when i finished I tried to untie my feet but he grabbed my hands and tied me back to the bed. " the boys and I are going out for a while well be here later. Don't try to escape you won't go far." With that said he left. Great alone with no way out. Moments later I fell asleep. I was woken up later by the sound of the door being opened,closed, and then locked. I opened my eyes it was kinda dark in the room but I could see that it was Louis who had entered. He looked drunk. He got tape and put it over my mouth he got on top of me and took his shirt and pants off. He then ripped my pants off. Then he started humping me. God it felt so good I tried not moaning but I wasn't to strong and then he took my shirt off. He unhooked my bra and took off my panties as he took of his boxers. I'm pretty sure you know what happened next. I HAD BEEN RAPED BY LOUIS TOMLINSON!

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