Be Mine.

Ellie is the girl who plays hard to get. David has been her friend as long as she can remember. As he grows up, he started hanging out in gangs as a young kid. Now he is the 'bad boy' of the school. Ellie starts being pissed of as he treats her like crap. As you read, their friendship blossoms into something more, will it be love? or trouble? or maybe a little bit of both....


3. Summer.

          *Two weeks later*

          School finished for our junior year. " Ellie." My mum said. " Yea?" I said. " David is going to be staying with us for a few weeks since his mum is going on a business trip." She said. " Alright." I said with a shrug, The next minute I see him in with a duffel bag and closing the door. " He is going to sleep in your room since we don't have any other rooms." She said.


          I set the mattress on the floor and my mum put the sheets on it. " There ya go." Mum said. She walked out of the room, " She still doesn't trust me even sitting on your bed." He chuckled. " That's my mum for yea." I said. " Let's go out tonight." He said. " It's your birthday isn't it?" I asked. " Yeaa!" He said.


          I put on skinny jeans and a simple over sized sweater. " Ready?" He asked. I nodded and we went through the hall then down the stairs. " Be back by one." Mum said. " Alright." I said putting on my pair of supras.


          I got out of his car and closed the door. " Stay close to me alright?" He said. I nodded as he put his arm around my shoulders and we went into the house. Couples were making out, smoke was tingling in the air along with the smell of alcohol. " David!" Someone said. " Hey Garrot." He said doing their little handshake. " This is...Brittany right?" He said. " No, this is Ellie." He said. " The girl you are best friends with! sweet. Go and grab some drinks." Garrot said. David dug his hand into my side, " She can't drink." David said. " Not my problem." He shrugged.


          We ran from the police, we spend down the road in the car. " Shit my mum locked the door." I said. He was drunk, I looked through my pockets for my keys and quickly opened the door. I helped him inside then closed the door, " You look so beautiful El." He slurred putting his arm around me. " David you are drunk, you don't know what your saying." I said helping him up the stairs.

          " David go to bed." I said. " I can't." He said. I let out a groan as I turned to my side.


*Next Morning*


          I woke up to David with only a towel around his waist. I looked at him for few more seconds, " Like the view?" He smirked. " Actually yes, the door looks great from this point of view." I said getting up. He gave me a look, " I have been around you almost my whole life David, If I really like the view I would say it." I said going to the bathroom.


          I ran down the stairs and to kitchen, mum was making bacon and pancakes. I took David's plate before he got to it, " Hey, my food." He said. " Hey, should of gotten it quicker." I said sitting down on a chair. " El be nice." Mum said. " Mum he should of known from a long time ago." I said. " That you don't like bacon. Thanks." He said taking mine.


          I washed my plate then put it on the rack to dry, " Your mom went to work." He said getting a water bottle from the

fridge. " I am here!" Brittany shouted from the door. " Oh great! another annoying kid." I said laughing. " Hey! I am not that bad!" She said dropping her purse on the couch. " That's what you think." I said. " Hey babe." She said kissing David. " Ewww get a room!" I groaned. " Save that for bed." David said with a grin. " I will, but not with you." I said turning on the tv. " What's with you two and the disgusting jokes." Brittany said.


          I watched him as he ran down the field past the others with the soccerball. " I would die if I was in your position being with him at home for few weeks." Brittany said. I caught the soccer ball before it hit me in the face, I kicked it back. " How come you don't play this. You were fantasic." She said. " Ehh...I don't know." I said. " Awww dang it I didn't hit your face!" David said. " Your mean." I said crossing my arms. " Never said I was nice." He said. " You used to be nice then you turned into one of those people you call badasses." I said. " So I am a bad ass?" He said, Brittany was looking at us in amusement, " Yea if that counts by being in jail a few times and always getting into fights." I said looking at him.


           " Tell me again why you got hair dye?" David as as we got into the car. " I wanna dye my hair." I said getting into the back seat. " Blue." He said starting the engine. " If it makes you feel any better, Brittany is gonna dye a part of her's too." I said looking out the window. " You girls are crazy." I said. " But you gotta love us." I said. " Unfortunately." He said turning out of the parking lot. " You guys are so annoying! what's with all the fighting!" She said. " Hey!  it's not my fault! this morning she saw me naked!" David said. brittany looked at me like she was gonna chop my head off, " correction, you were with a towel around the waist. The door in the hall has a better view." I said crossing my arms. " I dought that." Brittany said.


          The blue settled in and we washed it out a bit the dried it. " What smells like shit." He said. " the dye you dumbass." I said. " Be more nice to him." Brittany said. " I would but if we weren't best friends I would of treated him better." I said. David looked at me with a annoyed look, " Hey! you were the one who went in the girl's bathroom and I went in there and helped you out without getting noticed." I said raising my arms up in defence. " He went into the girl's bathroom?!" Brittany said laughing. David shock his head then went downstairs.


          Brittany left half an hour ago, " What must you torture me!" He groaned. " Shut up and watch the movie." I said. He threw popcorn at me, " I will hurt you." I said. " Try me." He said with a smirk. I got up and tackled him, " hahha im not hurt." He said. I punched him in the stomach, then he made me fall off the couch and pinned me down. " I win." he said.  I knocked his hands off mine then I pinned him down. " I win." I whispered in his ear. I gave him a smirk before getting up and sitting back down on the couch, " Not fair!" He said. " Awww bad boy lost? I could care less." I said eatting popcorn.

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