Be Mine.

Ellie is the girl who plays hard to get. David has been her friend as long as she can remember. As he grows up, he started hanging out in gangs as a young kid. Now he is the 'bad boy' of the school. Ellie starts being pissed of as he treats her like crap. As you read, their friendship blossoms into something more, will it be love? or trouble? or maybe a little bit of both....


2. Boxing.

                      David was on the table making out with my BEST FRIEND. Brittany. I was getting jealous... no Ellie. You are not jealous. " Get off the damn table." I said. I picked up the side of the table and they rolled off and I sat down. " What the fuck Ellie?!" Brittany shouted as the both got up. " The fuck are you doing with him?!" I said as the bell rang.


                   "Why can't I be with him El?" she whined as we sat at our lunch table. David and his friends sat down by us too. " Hey babe." He greeted giving her a kiss. My blood boiled, " You alright?" His friend Drew asked. " Yea." I said. He is pissing me off more and more.


      I got up with my tray and Drew came with me. " Brittany is pretty nice." He said as we walked to the garbage, " She is gonna get hurt." I said. " David wouldn't hurt her." Drew said as we walked back. " He is a heart breaker Drew, he could get his hands on anyone." I said sitting down. " How long have you known him?" He asked. " As long as I can remember. He used to be really sweet then started handing out with dangerous people." I said fixing my shirt. " What do you mean with dangerous people?" He asked. " He started hanging out with people in gangs Drew. He started beating people up, going to jail and doing illegal stuff." I said. He looked at me, " Any girl would be lucky to change him but he throws them out like a doll." I said. David and Brittany sat down, " I see you guys are friends now!" Brittany smiled. " Emm... yea." Drew said.


          It turns out Drew was in all of my classes but I never noticed. " No he took the wrench and started beating the crap out of the poor kid!" Drew said laughing, " Why are we laughing! That is freaking terrible!" I said chuckling. He shrugged, " Drew get out of my seat." David said. " Drew is sitting by me today." I said. He gave me a look and I shrugged it off, " I would of been scared to do that." Drew said. " I'm used to it." I said.


          I slung my bag over my shoulder and closed my locker. " Are you and Drew dating?" David said out of no where. " umm...No. I only actually talked with him today." I said walking down the hall. People were staring and whispering, " Just wondering." He said. " Why would you care if I did." I said. " Because I known you for a long time and I don't wanna see you hurt." He said. " Oh my god the bad boy actually cares." I smirked. " Haha very funny." He said with a smile. " He actually has a heart! No I'm kidding." I said. " Because I was gonna say that was too far." He said. " How far is going too far?" I asked him, he gave me a confused look as I walked off.


         I saw David hit the punching bag again, " Hey stranger." I said to him, " What are you doing here El? It's not safe." He said. " I dunno, I came for a walk." I said sitting down on a chair. " Aww brought you little girlfriend with you Ryder?" A guy laughed, " I actually am a good friend now back off." I said. David looked at me, " What did you say princess?" The guy said. " Don't princess me. Go back to your boxing." I said. He gave me a scoff then left. " Since when do you have an attitude?" David smirked. " Why do you ask so many questions?" I asked. " Answer my question first." He said. " I'm gonna go." I said. I left before he said anything.

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