400 Days With and Without You... * Harry Styles * spin off; 99 Days Without You

They told me to write it all down. Write what i felt, a journal, thats what they called it. I could call it many things. Painful. Agonizing. Unnecessary. Cruel. I could have just called it, 'Remembering Ana'... yet, I knew what to call it... 'With and Without You'. I couldn't write though, not without the memories flooding back. So I tried. I remembered. I remembered everything there was to know. Her. Me. Us. Love. Laughter. Fights. Smiles. Tears... But her most of all. It was full with her. She was everything.
It was all too much. 400 Days. It wasn't enough. It was all too short. Bitter-sweet... That's how they describe love... Sweet, yes, pure bliss... Unlike anything I'd felt before she stormed into my life... But it wasn't bitter. How could I feel bitter? I was numb. She'd taken it all away. My love. My life. So, I decided I would write it all down, store it away in this book for everyone to see.
And dear Ana, I can't handle it any more. These are my 400 Days, With and Without You.


2. A Note

Sorry it's been so long! I've re-written the first chapter about 4 times now and finally I think I've got it right. It's almost finished and I hope you guys will like it. In the meantime though, could you please like my story and/or leave feedback in the comments? It would mean a lot!! Thank you so much and I hope you guys will love the first chapter!! - Bri ❤
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