Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


8. Truly, Madly, Deeply

Eva’s POV

I was in the bathroom getting ready for my date with Zayn. I put on my favourite lip gloss and makeup and did my hair to the side. What to wear, what to wear, Zayn was going to be here in 20 minutes and I was so tied up about what was going to happen tonight that I couldn’t choose. Maybe a pink cocktail dress with black stripes, or my nice black dress that had one strap on the left side and lace pattern on the bottom I was so unsure about it.  

Time was running out, I had only 10 minutes left, so I went with the black dress and some cute heels with big black bows on the top. As I was putting on my right shoe, I heard a knock at the door and I looked out the window to see Zayn waiting and fixing his perfect hair in the reflection from the glass door. I didn’t want to keep him waiting outside in the cold for too long so I freaked out because I only had one shoe on, so clumsy me decided it would be a good Idea to run down the stairs in one heel to answer the door. I wasn’t watching where I was stepping because I was so excited to see his gorgeous eyes and hear his sexy voice and next thing I know is that I am face down at the bottom of the steps, with one heel on and looking like a total idiot. Zayn must have heard the thump as he came rushing through the door, when he saw what happened he just stood there and laughed for a bit while I sat on the floor rubbing my head.

 When he finished his fit of laughter, he put his land out for me and helped me up. He picked up my left shoe with laughter and said, “I believe this is your shoe ha-ha.” I took it from him and with a smirk I said, “No Zayn, this is your shoe, I borrowed it from your collection.” We both laughed and walked out the door. I asked where we were going and he told me it was a secret, I hated when secrets were kept from me so I nagged him the whole car ride. “Zayn where are we going, tell me please,” I begged with puppy eyes. He still refused to tell me so I just sat there looking sad while he shook his head and drove with a cheeky smirk across his face.

We finally arrived to the place, before I got out of the car he rushed over, opened the car door and before I got out he made me promise to close my eyes and not peek. I really did NOT want to but I agreed anyway. So I got out if the car with my eyes closed and Zayn shut the door. I felt his warm hands cover my eyes from behind, he whispered cheekily in my ear, “just in case you peek, babe.”

“Are we there yet babe, we have been walking for ages,” I complained and Zayn said “here we are love!” his warm hands uncovered my eyes and we were standing in the middle of the soccer stadium. Zayn had booked out the entire stadium just for us two. In front of us there was a gorgeous candlelight picnic, my eyes lit up and it was just so romantic, I turned around to see his gorgeous face hoping that I liked it. I wrapped my arms around him and said “Zayn this is perfect, I love it babe.” “I’m glad love!” and with that we kissed.

We sat down to eat, and we just talked about anything and everything. Not long after, we are up and kicking the soccer ball around when Zayn runs up behind me and lifts me up and spins me around. We just about to kiss, but we heard Niall yell out from the other side of the stadium, “OHHH GET A ROOM YOU TWO.” We turned around to see Niall casually walking over to us with Olivia over his shoulder practically kicking himself with laughter. Zayn didn’t look too happy and he put me down with an angry look across his face. When Niall and Olivia were standing in front of us he went rage, “HOW DID YOU TWO LITTLE SHITS GET IN HERE, I PRIVATELY BOOKED THIS PLACE OUT SO I COULD HAVE SO ALONE TIME WITH MY GIRL.” I told him to calm down and that it was fine. Niall wouldn’t let him call his girl a little shit so he went for a swing at Zayn. They started to fight and Olivia and I were trying to break because we were getting a little scared, we have never seen our guys so violent and we never knew they were so protective of us, but I guess that showed how much they really loved us.

We were trying to break it up, that’s when Olivia yelled at them and said, “guys stop, how do you think my best friend and I feel when our boyfriends are fighting over this, Zayn we are sorry for interrupting your little date with Eva, we kind of didn’t know that you privately booked this place out, we were just coming to kick the ball and muck around and stuff.” They both just stopped and looked at her in shock. That’s when I decided to say, “Guys, this is stupid, Zayn this was perfect and I absolutely loved it and I love you so much for wanting to make me happy, and you did, so can you guys please just stop fighting, Olivia and I can’t stand seeing one of you guys get hurt.” I looked at Zayn with forgiving eyes, and he knew that he was being dumb so he turned around to Niall and Olivia and said, “guys I am so sorry for this, I guess I just wanted to make this the perfect date for my girl and I just got a little annoyed, Niall are we good bro? I’m so sorry man.” He put out his hand to shake that they were good, but Niall pulled him in for a bro hug and said, “I’m sorry mate, I’m just a little protective of me girl, that’s all, and yeah we are all good, up for some soccer?” before Zayn could say anything Olivia and I screamed YEAHHHH at the top of our lungs. So the night went on and the boys started to get a little cheeky and started coming up behind us girls and sweeping us off our feet and twirling us around. We felt so happy that we had the best lives that we could have imagined.

But sadly, the night had to come to an end, Niall and Olivia walked off to get a drink together and Zayn took me back to his place where we watched some movies, that is until I got tired, I said to Zayn that I was going to bed and he grabbed me and said, “not without me you aren’t baby,” with a cheeky smirk across his perfect pinkish lips. Well, we all know where it goes from there. When we were lying side by side he whispered in my ear, “I truly love you Eva, forever and always” I leaned in and we kissed passionately. I then whispered softly in his ear, “I love you too baby, that’s right you and me forever and always, I love you. With that I fell asleep in his arms. I was madly in love with this tall, dark haired, sparkly eyed and just perfect guy.   


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