Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


11. Tour

Olivia’s POV

Today was the day that all the boys went on tour. Eva and I were going to meet them in Australia in 4 months. Wow I can’t believe that I can’t see Niall for 4 months. Niall packed his bag into the car and we headed off to the airport. In the car Niall his hand on my thigh and started slowly rubbing circles on it like he did when we were going to Harry’s party a couple of year ago. He only did this to me when he was nervous for something. I wonder what he is nervous for now.

We got to the airport and there were heaps of fans there they even had the police crew holding them back. Niall checked his bags in and it was time to say goodbye, I hate saying goodbye. Niall came up to me a passionately kiss me with paparazzi getting photos. I started to cry and Niall gave me a worried look “its ok babe it will be only 4 months and I will be back with you” he stated trying to make me feel better” yeah only 4 months” I stated back. He kissed me again and left. I missed him already.

I went back to the car and all the other boys girlfriends were there talking and Eva called me over so I had to go talk. The girls and I decided to go out and have a girl’s day. Go to the spa go shopping have lunch, “yeah what could be better” I thought sarcastically. I would rather being in my onesie playing soccer or watching a movie. Like all the stuff I did with Niall, it was far from girly but I liked it. Just thinking about Niall brought a tear to my eye.

These 4 months were so boring without Niall all I did is work and hang out with the girls. But everyday Niall and I talked on Skype so it wasn’t that bad. Eva and I are now on the plane to Cairns in Queensland and we can’t wait to see the boys again.

We arrived at the airport 30 minutes before the other boys so we decided to go grab your luggage and wait for them. I saw the boys and I ran up to them the security must of thought I was a crazy fan because he pushed me back but Niall saw me a ran up to me as fast as he could hugging and kissing me, almost making me fall over. I was an hour drive to Atherton we were all going to meet Eva’s parents and my dad and brother.

We arrived at Eva’s parents place and Eva and I got big hugs being welcomed while Zayn was grabbing the bags. “Eva and Olivia you two have grown up so much since the last time I saw you two and what’s about Eva dating Zayn huh” Eva’s mum, Peta said. At that moment Zayn walked in with the bags and Peta just looked so shocked. Peta started talking about Eva and Zayn and how cute they were together but I wasn’t really listening. Niall came up behind me and gave me a kiss when Peta yelled out “YOU GOT A BOYFRIEND TOO” “yeah what of it” I replied back making Eva laugh. It was 3pm when Niall and I thought it would be a good idea to leave so he can meet my dad and brother.

I Lived like a 10 minute walk from Eva’s so we got there quiet quickly. I was welcomed at the door by my brother, James running up and giving me a hug. “What’s wrong with you, you never hug me” I said looking at him weirdly “is it wrong for me to love my sister that I haven’t seen for 5 years” he replied “it is for you” I stated “touché” James exclaimed walking down the hallway with my bags. I gave my dad a hug a sat in the lounge room talking when James brought up some of the pranks we did to each other. “Olivia do you remember the time I wrote a note to Bret Marlowe, the weirdest kid in school telling them you really like them”. “Yer then he became totally obsessed with me” oh you remember the time where painted your toenails and put makeup on you while you were sleeping. Oh and who could forget the moment when you walked into Big W only wearing your underwear that was the funniest day of my life” I replied Niall came and sat next to me while I was talking to James. “Oh you must be Niall Horan Olivia’s….. What is he boyfriend” James exclaimed “No actually he is my fiancé” I stated “Oh I see well when Olivia was little she always” I cut James off by tackling him making us fall of the lounge and onto the ground because I knew exactly what he was going to say but I wasn’t going to let him so we ended up play fighting and doing weird ninja moves and Niall quickly joined in and so did dad so pretty much it was 2 on 2.

We stayed at my house with the family for a week but we had to leave because the boys had to continue the tour around Australia. We were all in Sydney for my birthday and we all decided to go to Lunar Park to celebrate. We went on all the rides but Harry didn’t go on any of the roller-coasters and we got our photos taken and ate fairy floss you know all the typical stuff you do at an amusement park on your birthday. When Niall and I returned back to the apartment I couldn’t find Eva or the boys anywhere. So Niall and I walked in the park looking for them and I found a huge banner saying “HAPPY 25TH OLIVIA” and underneath it were Eva, the boys and all of my friends from high school. I looked at Niall and he just smiled “Niall did you do this” I looked at him smiling back “well not if you don’t like it but if you do I might have pulled a few strings” Niall laughed give me a big hug. For the rest of the night we partied and caught up with some dearly missed friends.


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