Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


7. The Scar

Olivia’s POV

I woke up in the morning without Niall being there so I freaked out a bit thinking omg he left me he doesn’t really love me but then I saw a little note on his pillow and I calmed down a bit I was always the type of person to jump to conclusions. The note said:

To Olivia I’m terribly sorry to not be able to see your beautiful face wake up  this morning but I had to go record with the boys I made you breakfast it is in the fridge and when you are ready you can come join me and the rest of the boys at recording if you would like to. Love Niall.

So I did what I usually did in the morning you know have a shower do my hair and makeup yer all of that stuff. I decided to go see the boys and grab them coffee on the way. When I got to the studios there were thousands of teenage girls screaming and it was quite deafening. I was let in by the security because Niall told them I might be coming as I got in the elevator to go to the recording booths I ran into Harry in the hall way outside the door and I gave him a hug and his coffee. I walked into the recording studio and Niall was singing one of his solos and as soon as I walked in he looked at me a smiled. I gave the boys there coffees and a hug and sat down to watch Niall. When he came out of the recording booth he ran up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss and took his coffee and sat down pulling me into his lap. Simon came to talk to the boys and looked at me and said “well it is nice to finally meet the girl who is dating Niall” I was trembling in my boots “anyway let’s get back to work” Simon continued.

After the boys were finished recording for the day Niall and I went home to have dinner we decided to make homemade pizza. I was making the bases when I felt something being thrown at me and I turned around and Niall was throwing cheese at me so I through some flower at him and to run away and Niall chased me. I ran around the corner and into the lounge room and that is when Niall caught me and dumped a hand full of flour on my face.

I wiped the flour off my face and kissed Niall. Niall looked at me with a confused face, “what” I asked “I have wondered this for a while now but how did you get the scar on your neck” Niall replied. As soon as he asked I could feel my face sadden and tears starting to well up in my eyes I couldn’t handle it at the moment so I grabbed my phone and keys and started to walk out the door when Niall grabbed my arm and gave me a worried look and said “whatever it is you can tell me” I continued to walk when he yelled “where are you going it freezing outside” but I didn’t care I just kept on walking I could feel Niall run up beside me and put his jacket on my shoulders he asked me come back but I just kept walking with tears streaming down my face and hitting the ground turning into ice. I got back to my apartment with Niall still walking next to me. I turned around and slammed the door in his face and I went and sat on the lounge and I just cried. Niall was banging on the door trying to get me to open it and talk to him but I could not now. For the rest of the night I sat on the lounge crying. It was around 10pm when I decided to call Eva because right now I needed her.

Eva’s POV

I woke up that morning feeling upset that I had to work for the devil women Anna but I had  shower got dressed did my hair and makeup had breakfast and ran out the door to get to work. There were a couple of rude perverted men at work but there always is.

After work I walked out the front door to see Zayn standing there by his car with some flowers. “Your chariot awaits ma lady he said gesturing for me to come with him.

Zayn took me to a little park by the lake where there was a candle lit dinner. After we ate dinner we went walking through the park talking. I wasn’t feeling upset any more he always makes me happy. It was around 9pm when he took me home. Zayn walked me to the door step and kissed me goodnight but as he was turning around I pulled him back in for a kiss but this time more passionate. I quickly unlocked my door and Zayn gently pushed me against the wall still kissing me passionately when his cool hand slipped up my shirt and he ripped it off breaking all the buttons. Zayn pushed me onto the bed and took off his shirt he laid on top of me for a while he kissed me. It was around 10pm when my phone started ringing on my bedside table “don’t answer it” Zayn whispered into my ear, but I couldn’t help but see who was ringing and it was Olivia  and she never rings unless it was serious so of course I sat up and answered it. “Hey Olivia what’s up” I said in a worrying tone I really need you to come over Eva” I could tell that she had been crying so I had to come yer sure I will be there as soon as I can ok bye” I replied. I looked at Zayn and he had a little pouting puppy face begging me to stay but I really had to go.

I arrived at Olivia’s place 10 minutes later with chocolate and ice-cream you know comfort food. As I walked up to her door I saw Niall sitting on the floor outside her door. What could have happened I opened her door with the emergency key she gave me and I saw her on the lounge crying so I put all of the food on the floor and I went over to hug her, “What Happened” I asked “he asked about the scar” she managed to say though all of the tears and as soon as she said that I had a flash back of when I just found her there I could feel myself beginning to cry. So I just hugged her and comforted her for the rest of the night. In the morning I decided to see if Niall was still there and sure enough he was he had his head against the wall and was sound asleep. “Olivia I think it would be best if you told him don’t you” I called out without Niall waking up.

Olivia’s POV

I thought I would be for the best if I did tell him so I walked out in to the hall way and sat next to him waking him up I looked at him I  could tell he had been crying he just put his arm around me and comforted me. “Niall sorry for being over dramatic” I told him “Its ok I put up with Louis’s stuff all the time so I am kind of used to it” He replied making me laugh a bit “Niall I need to tell you what happened” I said looking down “no you don’t not if you don’t want to its ok with me really” he told me lifting my head up “no I have to” I demanded “It all started when my mum and dad got a divorcé when I was 14 I stayed living with her and we moved to Sydney and my brother moved in with my dad and stayed living in Atherton” I started holding back my tears “two years later she got remarried to a total asshole. One night I walked into my mum and dads bed room and I saw him stab her to death. In the morning he acted like he didn’t know what happened but I was the only one that knew. One night he got really angry” I said now this tears pouring down my face “and he slapped me making fall the ground. After that he would quite often beat me sometimes cutting me or punching me leaving with a busted lip or a black eye. He made me into his slave making me serve him and his mate’s drinks while they played poker and smoked and through the buds at me and putting them out on me burning my skin just a little. I am asthmatic so it was hard to breath because of all the smoke in the air and I would quite often blackout. One night he came up into my bedroom and tried to force himself on me but I said no so he hit me this time hospitalising me of a week. When I got back from hospital nothing changed. I got really angry at him and I started to yell and scream at him so he locked me in my room to rot as punishment for yelling at him. I had been in my locked in my room for about two weeks and I found a sharp piece of metal so I used the metal to loosen the bolts on the windows I could escape. My body was very weak but I had to get out of there before I died. I grabbed a bag and packed a couple of pairs of clothes and started to climb out the window of a two story house. When he walked into the room and he caught me, he grabbed my arm and started to pull me back up but I got out of his grip and I fell and hurt my ankle but I had to run away.  I got a block down and I ran into and alley way but this one was a dead end and he was right behind me so he grabbed out a knife and said “I was going to give you a second chance but this time I can’t forgive you” and he cut me and left me in the alley way to die. I started to blackout when I saw a girl that looked my age. When I woke up I was in the hospital. It turns out that Eva had been walking back from work and she found me and took me to the hospital. She was going to take me back home but I wouldn’t let her I told the police the whole story and he was sent to jail for life and I moved in with Eva and when we had enough money we moved to London and well that’s the story” I said with tears streaming down my face like a waterfall and Niall the same. For the rest of the day I sat at my front door crying in Niall’s arms.

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