Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


6. The perfect day

Olivia’s POV

I woke up that morning in Niall’s arms and I could feel his chest rise and fall as he breathed in and out I got out of bed without Niall noticing well at least I thought that until he grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of him “you don’t think you can leave that easy do you?” he whispered in to my ear I just looked at him and laughed. I gave him a quick kiss and went to go have a shower putting on my clothes from the night before so I can get some today.

As I walked out of the shower I heard Niall singing a weird song about pancakes and how much he loved them so I crept up behind him and kiss him on the neck making him jump and spin around. “Why are you wearing your dress from last night” Niall asked with a confused look on his face “well you see when you brought me over last night I didn’t bring a spare change over clothes with me” I replied “ we will have to stop at my place and get some” I added

After we cleaned up after breakfast we set off to my apartment so I could get changed “what are we doing today” I yelled from my bedroom “we might go to the beach” he yelled back “but it’s winter and I is freezing outside” I replied “not to swim but to shop” he gave me a face that said well duh. Knowing that it would be freezing I put on jeans and a jacket. Then I tied my hair in a messy bun put on some light makeup grabbed my bag and some shoes and I was ready to go.

When we got to the beach it wasn’t that cold but it still was cold we had a look at a couple of shops and sat down to have lunch at this little pizza shop and the pizza was so good I could have sat there eating all day but Niall really had to show me something. As we walked around the corner of the pizza shop he showed me an ice skating ring so we went in and got some ice skates and put them on as I stepped out on the ice I slipped and fell then I saw Niall come running to my side to help me up “I am really bad at ice skating” I whispered “it’s ok you have me to help you” Niall replied helping me off the ground. For the next hour or so we were skating. Then we got some ice-cream and walk along the beach talking and mainly laughing. But in the end we had to leave because it started pouring rain. I was about to get back in the car when I saw the Niall was still standing there in the middle of the beach so I called out to him to come get in the car but he didn’t move and so I went up to him and “what’s wrong” I asked and he grabbed my hand and kissed me passionately. “What was that for” I asked “one I love you and two Harry has always wanted to do this so I had to see what the big deal was about it’s so worth getting soaking wet” Niall answered.

We got home around 2pm soaking wet because of the rain so we went to dry off. After we were all dry and warm again I made us both a cup of tea and sat in the lounge room. Niall was playing his guitar and was singing softly, so I sat down and joined him. Before we knew it we were playing to guitar and singing every song we knew and Niall turned around and playfully said “you’re a terrible singer”. It was around  when I found out that there was a soccer match on tonight at 4pm so I ran up the stairs ran in into Niall’s room and started jumping on the bed asking him if we could go so he grabbed my legs and pulled me down and kissed me on the lips “now slow down and breath” he said looking at me if I was a child “ok” I took a deep breath out “can we go to a soccer or as you call it football match there is one on tonight at 4pm” I continued “whose playing” He asked “Arsenal Vs. Manchester United” I replied “so can we go please” I begged “I guess so but I will be cold” Niall said laughing at me jumping up and down with excitement. So I changed into some jeans, a t-shirt and put on a jacket and my vans grabbed my bag and jumped in the car with Niall.

We arrived at the stadiums about 20 minutes later and there were soccer fans going crazy and paparazzi everywhere taking photos of us when Niall and I finally got to our seat right at the front of the stadium Niall started talking to someone next to him and he brought my name up in conversation so I looked to see how it was but it was none other than Harry I meet him at the party a couple of months ago along with the rest of the boys who were next to Harry. At half time I started talking to Harry. You know you have changed him before he was happy but he didn’t have the sparkle in his eyes that he has now that he is with you” Harry said looking at me and smiling like an idiot. When half time was over the players came back on the field and the crowd went insane. At the end of the game Manchester United won 9-5 so Niall, I and the rest of the boy decided to go get some late night dinner so we headed to a local fish and chip shop and all got burgers.

It was 2am when we got home because we decided to so get a drink at a pub and I was so tired I had a shower and went to bed and Niall soon followed me in though.

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