Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


3. The date

Eva’s POV

After I got home from the club I went straight to bed and slept. I woke up 4pm it felt like I have been sleeping for years so I got something to eat and I was so bored so I got out my piano and kept writing my song.

I was all caught up in my song when my phone rings “hello” I say “oh um hi I was expecting your voice mail anyway it Zayn Malik here from the diner an couple of days ago anyway I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie with me this evening” I would love to” I responded “great um yer where do you live I will pick you up at 6pm” I live at 140 Gaunt Street see you soon” and with that I hung up.

OMG I am going on a date with Zayn Malik in 2 hours yeah OMG I am going on a date with Zayn Malik in 2 hours I can’t do this what do I wear oh my god oh my god oh my god so I went to go have a shower and I threw on some jeans a long sleeved t-shirt and put on my converse and I did my hair and makeup just in time to because Zayn arrived not a moment too soon.

 I got into the car with Zayn and said that I look beautiful and it was like a 5 minute drive to the cinema and he got us two tickets to see a movie and some popcorn.

In the middle of the movie Zayn through some popcorn at me and pretended like it wasn’t him but I knew it was him so I through some back then we just started having a popcorn fight with everyone in the cinema watching us. We were then told to leave the cinema I had popcorn everywhere like everywhere.

 After Zayn and I left the cinema we went and had dinner at a small restaurant and we just talked the night away.

After dinner Zayn drove me home he was the perfect gentlemen he even walked me to my door and gave me a peck on the cheek and said goodnight and left.

 I decided to go inside and check my twitter. When I logged on I saw pictures of me and Zayn everywhere even one of Zayn giving me a peck on the cheek like a minute ago it is stupid how many death threats there I decided to shut down my computer that’s went I got a text,

 From Zayn: hey don’t listen to all the girls they don’t know what they are talking about ok.

 To Zayn: yer I know not to listen to them but some of them scare me and what if they do something I’m scared.

From Zayn: ok babe I am on my way over I am not letting you be alone when you are scared.

To Zayn: ok thanks see you soon and did you just call me babe.

From Zayn: yer you like.

To Zayn: lol ;).

 Zayn got to my place around 11pm he came over and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and we just talked.

 “ok Zayn I am tried and I have work tomorrow so are you staying here tonight” I said yawning “yer can I stay here tonight I will just sleep here on the lounge” he said pouting “If you want you can sleep in my bed” I said walking away Zayn jumped up in excitement “no sex” I yelled from the bed room “oh ok” he responded As he got in to my bed and gently spooned me.

Zayn’s POV

I woke up I the morning to the smell of bacon and eggs I followed the smell over into the kitchen where I saw Eva in her work uniform making breakfast so I walked up behind her and kissed her neck making her jump good morning beautiful I whispered into her ear making her giggle and her giggle is the cutest thing I ever heard.

 “So what are the plans for today” I asked “I have work today remember” she replied.

After we had breakfast I walk Eva to work then I went to go spent the rest of the day the other boys and talk about the new album which we haven’t come up with a name for it yet but we ended up talking about the party that Harry was having at his place, “oh and you all have to bring a date” Harry said while leaving. As soon as harry said bring a date I thought of Eva straight away

Olivia’s POV

Work that day was so boring as I was walking home some teenage girl came up to me and asked if I was Olivia Sturgiss and of course I said yes then she said are you dating Niall Horan I was just like how did you find out then she started freaking out and asked I she could get a photo with me I was yer ok I guess so.

Then I got to my front door and there was flowers with a note saying: To Olivia I hope you like the flowers and will you be my date to Harry’s party this evening please text me your answer, love Niall

When I got inside me phone buzzed

From Sexy Irish ;) did you get the flowers?

To Sexy Irish ;) yes I did I will go with you and did you change your name on my phone.

 From Sexy Irish ;) yes I think it got the better side of me you like.

To Sexy Irish ;) yes I like so what time is the party.

From Sexy Irish ;) the party is at 6pm I will pick up at 5:30pm PS bring swimmers

 To Sexy Irish ;) see you then.

So then I thought it would be a good time to check twitter and I found Niall saying going to a pool party with my GF @OliviaSturgiss can’t wait.


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