Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


15. The Accident

Eva’s POV

After Eleanor’s and Louis’ wedding Zayn and I decided to go home and watch some movies.

The month went really quickly and it was finally time for El and Louis to come back. Life without those guys was kind of boring because the boys had work almost every day but I Skype them a lot but it wasn’t the same I can’t wait to see them.

I got changed out of my pyjamas and drove to the airport because I had to pick them up and there were screaming fans everywhere so they had to be close. “El” I screamed through the crowd. I ran up to her giving her a huge hug leaving her breathless. We got in the car and Louis kept complaining that he was hungry so we stopped and takeaway shop and got so fish and chips and sat and talked about the trip and what I have been doing. 

That night I had a date with Zayn and he was picking me up from my apartment. I just finished getting ready when my phone rung but I didn’t recognise the number. “Hello” I answered with a shaky voice. “Hello is this Eva Condullas” a man’s voice asked. “Yes it is” I answered “Hello I am Dr Mark Webbson from St Thomas’ Hospital and too our understanding you are Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend we would like to inform you that he is critical condition” the doctor said leaving me speechless.

As soon as I heard the news I dropped the phone smashing into a million pieces as it hit the tiled floor and rushed out the door with tears streaming down my face. I got to the hospital and I called Olivia and everyone else and they were here in a matter of minutes. Half an hour later the same Dr that called me before walked out. I stood up and ran over to him hoping that everything would be ok. “Is he ok” I stated but I was cut off by the doctor saying “everything is fine he is now stable but we had to put him in an induced coma so his body will recover properly you can go visit him if you would like to”. As soon as the doctor said that I went straight into Zayn’s room. I got there and saw him wrapped up in bandages with cords pocking into him supplying him with blood and other nutrients. He also had a mask on his face to supply him with ventolin to help him breath. Just the sight of this made me have a flashback to when I found Olivia all those years back it was too overwhelming that I fell the ground crying. It was around midnight when everyone left they all begged me to come with them but I had to stay here with the love of my life I wasn’t going to leave him again.

I was woken up in the morning around 7am by a police officer. “Hi you must be Eva I am officer Mills” she introduced. “Yes I am Eva and may I ask how all this happened” I asked “Well you see Zayn was in a horrific car accident it was a head on collision and he went flying out the windscreen, he’s very lucky that he is alive now” she answered “Oh and before I forget this found at the scene of the accident and I assume it’s for you” she passed me a red velvet box. When she left the room I opened the box to see what was inside it and it was the most beautiful diamond ring I ever saw. “He was going to propose” I thought aloud and started crying again.

Two months past and no sign of improvement the doctors thought he was actually getting worse and they were thinking of turning of life support but I wouldn’t let them I knew he would make it through this I just know it he has too. Olivia and the boys visited everyday bring me food and some clothes I ended up living at the hospital waiting for him to wake up. I talked to him every day but there was no sign of response.

Zayn’s POV

I was on my way to get Eva and I was so nervous because tonight was the night I was going to propose. Then all of a sudden a man swerves in front of me colliding with the front of my car the last thing I remember is laying in the middle of the road with paramedics all around me. Then I blacked out. After a couple of days I started feeling better but for some reason I couldn’t open my eyes. I could hear Eva’s voice her sweat angel like voice. I knew she was here waiting for me and when she grabbed my hand my heart skipped a beat like it always did but this time I could hear it. Everyday Eva was crying and I just wanted to wake up and hug and kiss her and tell her that I am fine but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t.

One day I felt her hand let go of mine and I heard her leave the door crying and yelling at people but I don’t know who. Then I felt the mask getting removed from my face it got really hard to breath but I did it. Everything was removed from me I felt dead but I was still alive. Eva walked back into the room crying more this time than she ever had before. “Zayn you have to make it through this I love you please don’t die I need you” Eva said and I could feel her tear drops fall on my skin she was holding my hand again and she had her head resting on my stomach while tears were still pouring from her face. This time I had enough strength to squeeze her hand I felt her head shoot up and she started to yell out to the doctors. I heard them all run in and the familiar voices of Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Olivia too. Just then my eyes shot open and I saw there smiling face all looking at me. I got Hugs from everyone and dearly missed kisses from Eva. I had to stay in Hospital for another two weeks after I woke up so they could run some tests on me but after that I get to finally go home.


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