Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


18. Party with JB

Niall’s POV

When we found out that Eva had said yes to Zayn’s proposal we were so happy for him because we haven’t seen him this excited for a long time. As soon as they arrived home, we made them get ready for a party that Justin Bieber invited us to. Zayn said cool and Eva was freaking out because she only had half an hour to get ready. Zayn laughed and said to her, “don’t panic, you will look beautiful no matter what, but not a good as me” with a cheeky smirk across his as he jokingly fixed his hair in the reflection of the glass door. They ran upstairs to get ready and when they came back down Eva tripped on the step and face planted as usual. Olivia laughed and said “typical Eva” and we walked out the front door when a limo was waiting for us to take us to the party.

We arrived at the party and were greeted at the front door by Justin Bieber, “sup man” he said to me as I walked past, “hey sup bro” I replied. I noticed that he was looking at Olivia when she walked past and I gave him a look to don’t even try, so then he stopped. But as he met Zayn at the door he completely ignored him and turned straight to Eva and said, “Zayn, are you going to introduce me to this beautiful lady?” as he kissed her hand. Zayn looked fairly pissed off and said “this is my fiancée, Eva.” Justin didn’t seem to care about that though and kept staring at her when they walked in.

Olivia went over to Eva and said “dude, Justin was just flirting and I think Zayn is about to punch him out, Niall pointed it out to me because he thought Zayn was getting angry.” “I didn’t know” Eva said.

We forgot about that for a while and sat down to have a few drinks. We laughed, joked and talked about everything. I held out a hand and said in a cheesy British voice, “would you care for a dance, ma’am?” Olivia laughed and said “I would love to your highness”. We danced like a slow dance to beauty and a beat. Everyone was staring at us but we didn’t care, we were having fun.

We saw Danielle and Liam at the bar having a drink and he seemed to be having the time for his life. Harry was here with Elyse and they were in the pool. They have been dating for a couple months now they are a cute couple. I was looking around the room went I saw Justin chatting to Eva and I know that guys flirty face.

I grabbed Olivia’s hand and pulled her off the dance floor over to where Eva and Justin were. “Hey Eva come dance with me” Olivia yelled pulling Eva over onto the dance floor so I can talk to Justin. “Hey Justin you do know that’s Zayn’s fiancée right” I exclaimed “yer man she beautiful isn’t she” he replied “man back off if Zayn knew he would kill you, you know how protective he is” I yelled over the loud music. “Yer mate I am just having some fun” Justin smiled “well just back off” I said leaving to go get a drink for Olivia.

Zayn’s POV

At door Justin really pissed me off but I didn’t want to make scene so I didn’t say anything. I guess Justin is a bit heart broken and wants a rebound but he’s a not getting my girl talking about my girl I’ve been looking all night where is she. I walked inside still looking for Eva and I saw Justin trying to kiss her and she was pushing him away and trying to get out of his grip but she couldn’t.  I walked up to Justin and pulled Eva out of his grip and he turned around ready to yell at my but then he saw it was me so I punched him in the face grabbed Eva’s hand and said good-bye to all of the boys and Eva and I left.

We got home and had a shower and sat on the lounge with Eva on my lap talking about something but I wasn’t really paying attention I was just looking at her and thinking “wow I am going to marry this beautiful woman”. She jumped and started to laugh when I put my neck on her shoulder because she was extremely ticklish everywhere. So I started to tickle her making jump and fall of the lounge “ZAYN STOP” she yelled but I didn’t listen “I am not stopping” I yelled back “ OK THEN BUT I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR INJURES” Eva yelled even louder. 

We went up to bed and I gently hugged Eva as she said “I love you Za…” I cut Eva off “and all your little things” I continued to sing little things and we slowly fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up to the smell of bacon. I walked downstairs looking like a zombie and crept up behind Eva and hugged her as she made breakfast making her jump and giggle again.

That day I had rehearsals with the boys because we had a concert on that night. We were mucking around as usual but we did do some practise but as always we were all super pumped.

I was getting my hair and makeup done when Eva and Olivia came bursting through the doors laughing at something completely insane because they kept making these faces which were hilarious and they stopped in their tracks and covered their eyes when they saw Harry walking around completely nude but then they just started laughing again because they were so used to it. Niall must have heard Olivia’s laugh because he was out in a matter of seconds just wearing underwear. I gave Eva a hug and a kiss after getting my hair and makeup done.

That night’s show was one of the best one we have ever performed.


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