Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


21. Birthday surprise

Eva’s POV

I woke up that morning in Zayn’s arms and I loved that feeling of being safe and warm. I got up and had a shower, slipping into my onesie. I started to make breakfast when someone knocked on the door. I got up and answered it and it was the boys. “Hello” I said trying not to be so loud “WHY ARE YOU BEING SO QUITE” Louis yelled and the top of his lungs “shut up Louis” I snapped “why” Harry asked being defensive “because Zayn is sleeping” I answered and with that all the boys went running up stairs and started jumping on the bed trying to wake him up.

When Zayn finally got up it was around 10 am and he went out with the boys all part of the plan. When the boys left I called the girls telling them to come over. They were here in 10-20 minutes max and we started to set up for Zayn birthday party. We put streamers everywhere and lights at the back and made sure there was plenty of food to eat.

All the guests came around 5 pm and told them to hide I turned off all the lights and hid as well. All the boys came through the doors with smiles on their faces making so obvious that something was going to happen.

Zayn walked through the doors and everyone jumped up yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” he jumped and looked terrified so the boys didn’t tell him. I walked up to him and hugged and kissed him calming him down a bit.

We danced and talked to a couple of friends and just had fun like you do at a normal party really. Justin Bieber was there and Zayn was still mad at him so things between them were just awkward so Olivia and I decided to go dance while Zayn and Justin talked things over like normal people.

 It was around 9 pm and Olivia and I went to get the cake. Me being the clumsy person I am I slipped and basically through the cake at me hitting Olivia in the face. Olivia took that as an act of war so she grabbed a hand full of cake and through it at me. After a while of a cake fight we sat on the floor talking for about an hour. Niall must have noticed that Olivia was missing because he came in to the kitchen.

“Olivia are you in….” Niall started off saying when he saw cake everywhere he just looked completely shocked “NO THE CAKE IT IS… DEAD” he tried to be all dramatic but it didn’t work so Olivia through some at him hitting him in the chest. “Olivia you are a terrible shot you know that right” Niall gave her a cheeky smile “really am I” she said standing up with a handful of cake. Olivia walked over to him and shoved it all in his face. “That’s not fair you didn’t through it” He protested “well does it taste nice” she smiled at him “brilliant same it had to be all wasted, how did this happen anyway” He answered and I put up her hand and he fully got it straight away.

Zayn’s POV

That morning I was woken up by all the boys jumping on my bed yelling happy birthday. I thought I would be a good idea to finally I went downstairs and saw Eva sitting on the lounge talking to someone on the phone probably Olivia cause Eva has called her every day since we got back from our honeymoon.

I kissed Eva and had to leave because the boys were dragging me out the door to do birthday stuff I don’t get with Eva can’t come but anyway I haven’t spent that much time with the boy lately so this is nice.

We ended up seeing some friends and I got heaps of calls from family and friend that I couldn’t see. We also did some shopping and went to Louis’ and place some X-box for the rest of the day. It was around 5 pm when the boys took me home. I don’t know why they came in probably to say hi to Eva or something. I got in the door and all the lights were off so she must be asleep or something but why would she be asleep now this is a bit weird.

I walked into the house a little bit more and the lights all turned on and everyone jumped out at me yelling “HAPPY BRITHDAY”. I was totally terrified I wasn’t expecting this I thought Eva was hurt or something but thank god she wasn’t. Eva came up and gave me a hug and kiss that made me feel better but I was still like wow. I was talking to some people I haven’t seen in ages and I want Eva to meet them so I went looking for them and I found her sitting in the middle of the kitchen with Eva both covered  in cake. They just looked at me and smiled.

Eva came out of the kitchen saying something like Olivia had to talk to Niall about something. I wonder what it could be. So we kept on dancing and enjoying the night there was no yelling in the kitchen so there aren’t fighting.

Justin and I are cool now he gave up on the whole Eva thing because he was never going to get her. He even started flirting with one of Olivia’s friends Mary. They seemed to hit it off and were having a lot of fun together. Eva was talking to some friends and laughing a lot I love it when she laughs a lot she starts to clap it is so cute and funny at the same time.

Everyone left around 12 am the boys and theirs girls stayed and Olivia and Niall told us the news and they were all excited for them Eva was already started planning baby shopping and everything. After they left we had a shower. And went up to bed tomorrow we have a lot of cleaning to do.


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