Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


13. Back to normal

Eva’s POV

Zayn and I have been dating for about a month now and everything is back to normal again just like I like it. Today Zayn and I had a double date with Olivia and Niall at the park. We were running late because Zayn couldn’t stop looking at himself in the mirror just like our first date together. We got to the park and Olivia and Niall were kicking around a soccer ball and there was a cute picnic set up under the tree. I ran up behind Olivia and hugged her making her fall over. Zayn ran up and started playing soccer and it was boys vs. girls. I was mainly goal keeper but sometimes I came out but I wasn’t very good at soccer, I liked hockey because I played it as a teenager before Olivia and I moved over to London on the other hand Olivia played soccer as a teen so she knew what she was doing.

We sat down to eat lunch and Niall was basically eating everything. Olivia and I started too talked about wedding plans, Niall seemed interested but Zayn seemed bored out of his brains. It was around 2pm the boys had to go because they had to prepare for the show tonight so Olivia and I decided to start looking a wedding stuff.

Olivia’s POV

It was great that Eva and Zayn are back together but I still don’t fully trust him, he is a great guy and all but I just am looking out for Eva she’s like my sister but closer if you can get any closer. I called the other girls that were part of my bridal party, Eleanor, Elyse, Danielle. Eva was already with me. The girls got in the light blue short at the front and long at the back dress with and diamond belt and had it fitted. All their mouths dropped when I walked out of the changing rooms in and strapless white dress with some pearls on the bodice and slight ruffles “I think this is the one” I thought aloud. They all nodded and I jumped with joy because we have spent hours looking at dresses and I finally found the right one. I can be a perfectionist like that. After the fitting we all drove to the boys concert that night and sat around talking and waiting for the boys.

“ So Eleanor you and Louis have been married for about 2 years now, have you thought about kids yet” Eva said. “ok Eva it took Louis and I 5-6 year to get married I don’t think we are ready for children yet Louis still sometimes acts like one but that’s what makes him so cute” Eleanor replied.

The boys came out of the changing rooms and their faces just light up when they saw us even Harry’s. “Who’s this” Harry said pointing to Elyse “hey I am Elyse a friend of Olivia’s and Eva’s” she replied. Think Harry liked her because he kept using his charm on her and she just played hard to get making him want her more.

The boys sung a couple of songs and every one Niall would look at me sometimes smiling sometimes winking and other times blowing me kisses. He was the sweetest person on the face of the earth he really made me feel like a princess. At the end of the night I saw that Elyse gave Harry her number so who knows what is going one between them two.

Niall and I got home and had showers and got into our onesies and sat down talking about the wedding I wanted him to be a part of this as much as he could but I wanted the dresses to be a surprise.  

Elyse’s POV

Harry is such a charmer but I am not sure if I can have a boyfriend at the moment I don’t want him just to be another guy that my agent likes for publicity I want a long term meaningful relationship. I got home after the concert and have a shower and when to bed because I had work in the morning.

 I got up and got changed into my sweats and drove to work where they did my makeup and got my changed into some Victoria’s secret underwear because I had a runway to do. As I was walking on the catwalk I saw Harry and the other boys what were they doing here Harry just looked at me totally shocked. I turned and kept walking not worrying about it. I had to leave right after the whole performance because I had to make an appearance at this party my agent said would be good for me and again Harry was there. “What are you doing here Harry” I asked “I was just about to ask you the same question” He replied “My agent said it would be good for my publicity” I Answered “same do you want to ditch this place and go get some coffee” He asked “love too” I said walking out the door.

We got to the coffee shop with people taking thousands of photos but we were both used to it. We both got a coffee and sat and talked the night away about our job our life basically everything and anything. It was around 10pm when I got home I know not that late I had a shower and logged into twitter and there were photos of me and Harry everywhere but, surprisingly no hate, not at all just comments of people saying I was pretty and that we were a cute couple, but were we a couple. I got a call from my agent saying “Elyse are you and Harry Styles a couple because if you are your publicity has shoot through the roof” said my agent, Holly “I don’t care if my publicity is through the roof I like Harry I really do so try not to control this relationship too because last time you totally destroyed it” I argued back and hung up. The next day I didn’t have work so I had lunch with a couple of friends Tiarna, Olivia, Eva and Holly. Holly is my agent but also one of my best friends.


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