Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


22. BABY

Niall’s POV

I was woken up in the morning by Olivia jumping up out of bed and running to the bathroom. I went in there and tied her hair up and started rubbing circles in her back to calm her down it worked of course. I went downstairs and started making breakfast while Olivia had a shower. The toast popped up as I got a phone call from my mum “are the rumours true is Olivia pregnant am I going to be a grandma” She started “hello mum and yes she is and before you start again we were going to tell you after we had breakfast and how did you find out” I replied “you don’t know Louis tweeted about it” after that I said “goodbye” and hung up I decided to check twitter and sure enough there were heaps of people congratulating us and Louis’ tweet read “@NaiIlOffcial congrats bro on Olivia getting pregnant”

Olivia came down 10 minutes later we talked about the baby and we decided that we should move into a bigger place so we could fit everyone in it right now we are in a one bedroom one bathroom apartment so I think it is time to upgrade. “Your toast is cold” I told her “I am not hungry are we going to look at houses today” Olivia asked “yer we will leave in 10 minutes or so, I will call up a few agencies and see if they have some open houses”. I replied.

All day we were looking at houses and it was really boring. The guides told us all about the history of the houses like where am I ever going to need that ever. We looked at around 4 houses when we found the perfect house it was a double story house  4 bedrooms so we could have a room the baby we could have another and we could make one into an office and the last into a guest bedroom just in case one of the boys come to stay. It also has 5 bathrooms one linking into every bedroom and one downstairs. In one word this house was perfect.

We bought that house and had to leave because Olivia had an ultra sound I was so excited I couldn’t wait. We got to the hospital and had to fill out some forms and stuff like that. After that was done we had to wait 10-20 minutes to be called. We finally got in and the doctor put some gel like stuff on Olivia tummy and started searching. “And here’s your baby” the doctor showed us on the screen. “Would you two like to know the sex” the doctor added “NO” we said at the same time.

 Olivia is about 5 months pregnant and we have fully moved into the house with help from the boys. We have just started organise the baby room. Life is great Liam and Danni and Married and Eva is 2 weeks pregnant, Harrys engaged to Elyse, and Louis and Eleanor are same old same old.

“NIALL” I heard Olivia scream “I AM COMING” I yelled running up the stairs. I saw Olivia sitting on the bed holding her stomach. “What’s wrong” I asked worried. “The baby it kicking I thought you would want to feel” I let out I sigh of relief. I felt her stomach it was the best feeling “it’s a soccer player already” I said laughing a bit Olivia just looked at me and smiled. That night we watched some movies in the bed room. Olivia fell asleep during the second one. So I turned it off and got Olivia comfortable and I went to sleep myself.


“NIALL” Olivia screamed for the three-billionth time this week “WHAT” I yelled back there was no reply I ran up the steps to see Olivia “Niall my water broke” she whispered. I got her in the car and drove to the Hospital ASAP. I called the other guys when I got there. They all came in totally freaking out. “Niall we got here as soon as we could, we aren’t you freaking out man” Liam said panting “ok Liam breath and I am freaking out they have horrible food here how am I supposed to live with that” I answered speaking really fast. The doctor came out and asked if I wanted to be there so I went in and almost fainted straight away.

Olivia was screaming I hated to see her in this much pain. But an hour later she gave birth to and beautiful baby girl. All the boys came in to see the baby and they were crying out random names like Tommy and a whole heap of boy names. “You do know the baby is a girl right” I said laughing. In the end we named her Alice.

A couple of years have goon past Eva and Zayn had a boy, Cody. Elyse and Harry have been married for a year now, same with Liam and Danielle. Eleanor is pregnant and it’s Louis’ of course.

Alice is walking and talking I remember the day she started Olivia was trying to teach her for weeks and it took me a day to teach her that made Olivia mad but she’s cute when she is trying to be mad.

I had to do to work and that day I couldn’t wait for. Today is the day that we get to start writing new songs for the album.

Olivia’s POV

I was cooking in the kitchen with Alice she is 2 now and she is just like Niall. I had the news on in the background but I wasn’t really watching it. I put the cake in the oven and I heard Alice scream out daddy like she does every time he gets back from work. I walked into the lounge room looking for Niall but I see Alice with her hand to the television. “BREAKING NEWS” a reporter announces “Niall Horan member of One Direction has been murdered on the way to syco records this morning” I looked at Alice still hitting the television screen screaming out daddy. I pick up Alice and cuddle her while I cry.


It’s the day of the funeral and everyone is crying and giving me sympathy and telling me it is healthy to cry. I would cry but the last week that is the only thing I have done. So I stood there watching the coffin being lowered in to the ground. Everyone left around 2 pm and I stayed there. Finally I cried once again. Eva took care of Alice because she thought I need some alone time.

I went home and had a shower. I couldn’t sleep so I looked through our photo albums cry more. Looking though all the photos of our first date, our wedding our whole life together. That night I cried myself asleep again.


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