Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


20. 2 year wedding anniversary

Olivia’s POV

We all said our good-byes to Eva and Zayn as they jumped into the car. Niall and I got home around 11pm and we sat on the lounge and played call of duty on the X-box. “AHHHHH HOW DO YOU KEEP GETTING ME” Niall yelled “I am just better than you” I replied giving him a cheeky smile “I will see about that” and with that Niall jumped on me making me fall of the lounge and he started tickling me making me laughing and scream. We ended up talking of the rest of the night and went to bed around 2am.

I woke up at 8 am that’s early for me because I usually wake up around 11 am. Niall was still asleep so I had to be quite. I crept down the stair case and got ready for work. I am a drama teacher at Notre Dame R.C. Girls' Secondary School and I love it, I only work part time though so I am there Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

I finished work around 3:30 pm and I headed home. When I got to the door I found a note saying “go up to your room and get changed into the outfit I left you” I knew that Niall had wrote it because of his hand writing.

I got up to our room and found some a strapless black dress and some black heels. I got ready putting on some light makeup. I was about to walk out the bedroom door when I found another note saying “now I am sure that you look beautiful as always got outside and you will find the next note”.

 I walked outside and sure enough I found the next note on our car. The note said “the Chauffeur will take you to your next note, have fun” I arrived at a restaurant 10 minutes later. Found a note on the door this one read “follow the roses” “what roses” I thought aloud.

 I found and trail of rose petals on the floor leading into the restaurant. I walked into the restaurant and I was pitch black but as I walked there was lights either side of me that were lighting up revealing the trail of rose petals. I followed then until I got to steps. I walked up the stair as I reached the top all the lights turned on revealing the restaurant it. I saw the path in walked on before which underneath it had fish and lots of different marine animals this place was just breath taking. I spun around and found Niall standing next to a table holing a bunch of roses. He came up to me kissed me and gave me the flowers.

“Niall why are you doing all of this” I asked “well I thought you had a hard day at work and that you deserve to relax a little and plus it is our 2 year wedding anniversary” he answered while pulling out a chair for me to sit on “sorry Niall I totally forgot about it” I apologised. “Don’t worry about it just enjoy tonight” Niall said sitting down.

We ate our meals which Niall already planned and sat there talking when Niall announced that he has one more surprise for me. We got into the car and Niall blind folded me and we stared to drive not have a clue where I was going. We arrived at a place which was loud so basically anywhere. Niall walked me inside and sat me down and undid my blind fold and we were at the circus. Niall booked out all the seats so we could be alone.

We sat there watching the acrobats and all the other performers for the rest of the night and we decided to leave.

Niall’s POV

I woke up in the morning around 11pm and Olivia wasn’t there but I knew she was at work so it gave me the whole day to plan the perfect evening for our 2 year anniversary. I had a shower and ate breakfast and looked at the clock and it was 12 o’clock I only had three hours to plan the date of a life time. I called the boys to come and help me so I had them running around town putting notes everywhere as I was calling making reservations and placing orders.

I went downtown and bought her a dress and shoes hoping it would be the right size. I got changed in no time to spear I heard Olivia’s car pull in the drive way and I am not supposed to be here so I hid in the pantry downstairs trying to fight the urge to eat everything. Olivia went upstairs to get changed and that’s when I decided to sneak out the door hopefully without her noticing.

I dove to the restaurant which looked amazing by the way. I can just imagine Olivia’s face when she gets here. I waited 20 minutes and I heard the front door open and I stood up with the flowers and it was just Louis coming to check up on everything. 10 minutes after Louis left I heard the door open a second time and this time I could hear the sound of heels hitting the ground so I knew it wasn’t Louis this time.

Olivia came up to me and all the light came on she looked prettier than I could ever have imaged  and she loved the place I could see the amazement in her face as she saw the lake around the platform. Olivia turned around and our eyes met and I felt the same feeling I felt on our first date and on our wedding day.

We sat and talked but mainly laughed while eating dinner. I just loved her laugh I loved everything about her. She just makes me so happy.

I remember when we were on our first date she told me how much she loved the circus but she hated the clowns. I have never actually taken her the circus so I thought it would be a great idea to take her to one that didn’t have clowns in it. I just knew she would love it. So I booked one out for us so we could be alone. Her face when she saw the acrobats was just priceless. Her eyes were glued the acrobats as they performed and every now and again she would turn to me and kiss me or just stare into my eyes but she looked so cute when she was focused on something.

We left when the circus finished which was around 11 pm we went home and played FIFA on the X-box and I was good at this game so I won but it was a close game. Olivia started to pout “what wrong are you upset that I can finally beat you at something” I asked. She started to walk off so I pulled her into me “why are you upset” I asked looking her in the eyes “I am not” she answered and with that she ran upstairs so of course I chased her. I burst through the door of the bed room “you are a good actor” I stated “well duh you don’t get a job in drama if you can’t act” she said back cheekily. I kissed her passionately on the lips.


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