Forever and Always in love

When Olivia meets Niall unexpectedly on the street she never thought she would see him again or fall in love with him. Niall makes Olivia forget all the traumatic experiences and replaces them with happy ones. But happiness doesn't last forever.


1. The day in the diner

Olivia’s POV

Last night’s sleep one of the worst I had ever had as I just moved into a new apartment in London and didn’t get much sleep on the plane ride here from Australia. I then realised the time as I checked the clock and got dressed as quickly as I could and ran out the as I had be at work in 10 minutes as I was running out the door I bumped into a quite tall blond man and he accidently spilt his coffee all over me.

“Fuck” I couldn’t help but say as the boiling hot coffee burnt my skin. The blonde man apologised but I had no time to talk and I had to run off to work as I was already late and he was just standing there watching me.

“Sorry I’m late Anna” I said to my boss as I got to work “Oh your late alright and why do you smell of coffee and your uniform is all dirty I see how you treat your clothing you are nothing but a worthless pig now get to work before I fire your ass go on get out of my face” Anna yelled at me.

Yep I am at work I how I love this place and rolled my eyes. I got in to the kitchen and my best friend Eva asked me what all the yelling was about then she saw me and her mouth dropped open “what happened” she whispered “I was running late so I ran out of my apartment and ran into this man and he spilt his coffee all over me” I replied “what an asshole” Eva yelled and made the hole diner turn and stare at us and Anna gave as a filthy look and we just laughed and started waiting on the tables.

Niall’s POV

After I split the all the coffee for the boys and I on the most beautiful girl I had ever see in all of the world I was so embarrassed so all I could manage I to say is “sorry”. I just stood there and watch her blondish brown wavy hair that fell perfectly past her shoulders and blue sparkly eyes and that nice curvy body walk away I felt like such an idiot for not chasing after her but I couldn’t move I just stood there.

 I decided to keep walking and as I got back to that Harry’s house where all the other boys were I heard screaming so I ran in the door as saw that Harry had pinned Louis to the ground and Liam and Zayn were tickling him so I let out a breath of relief that there wasn’t someone in here trying to kill them or anything.

They all turned around and gave me puppy dog faces and whispered “where are all the coffees”, “I was walking back with them and that I spilt them one the prettiest girl I had ever seen so of course  I apologised but she just said fuck and walked off” I told them, “that bitch you apologised and the least she could say is I’m ok” Louis started with all his sass when Liam cut him off by saying “well you can’t just go and make those judgements she could have been busy or late or could of just had a bad morning”.

 Before I knew it the Liam and Louis were having a full on fight with each other while Harry and Zayn were breaking them apart in the end I just said “hey guys stop it and lets go get some breakfast I found a really nice diner were we can go there if you want” and Liam and Louis started laughing and made up and were but to themselves again.

Eva’s POV

“Olivia you are on your break I can handle your tables go and clean yourself up” I yell across the diner “Eva you’re the best I hope you know that” Olivia screamed back.

 I started cleaning up a table when I heard one of sexiest accents I have ever heard in life say “excuse me miss but is the table ready” so I turned around to see none other than Zayn Malik and the rest of one direction standing there in front of me “yes of course please sit I will go get you some menus sir”.

OMG did I really just say that I feel like such an idiot as I went to go give them their menus I tripped on my shoe and landed flat on my face yes defiantly an idiot but then Zayn put his hand out to help me up so of course I took it.

“are you alright love” he said with a worried look on his face “yes I-I –I-I  think I’m fine”  I  stumbled over what to say and he just smiled so does he think I am cute or an idiot I don’t know so I just gave them their menus  and left.

 10 minutes later I came back to get there orders and one of the boys laughed “make sure you don’t trip” I just looked at them smiled and shook my head.

Zayn’s POV

I got kind of mad at Louis went he made his comment but I must admit it was funny so I laughed. I ordered the bacon and eggs and orange juice and the rest of the boys copied I watched her as she wrote down our orders.

 Her perfect brown eyes that smile and her brown wavy hair that fell down her back she was just perfect even her little giggle just perfect. As she walked away I still was watching her and I could feel the boys looking and me when Harry hit me on the arm and said “you like her don’t you” as soon as he said that I couldn’t help but blush so all the boys laughed and I whispered “a little” “new it” Liam yelled so people in the diner were now looking at us.

About 5 minutes later the waitress came out with our food she looked at me and blushed gave us our meals then quickly left. So Niall thought it would be a great idea to yell out “I knew she like you what were you worried about” and she just looked at me and giggled I could of just died of embarrassment.

 After we ate breakfast I went to go pay and there was a new girl and the cash register so I had paid the bill and I asked her to give the other girl my number. As we were leaving the boys asked if I gave her my number so I just responded by saying “she wasn’t an the cash register so I gave it to the girl there” and Niall turned to look at the girl there and yelled “that was the girl from this morning” and he started jumping up and down in excitement and asked if we could go back in but we all ignored him and kept on walking because we had to meet Simon at the studio in 10 minutes to talk about the new album.

Olivia’s POV

“Eva a man by the name of Zayn firkin Malik gave me his number to give to you” I said jumping up and down with excitement and Eva just ran up to me a screamed and took the number.

 At the end of the day Eva and I walked walking home I stopped at my apartment and waved good bye and left. I got home and did what I usually did get some left overs out of the fridge have dinner have a shower and go to bed.

I woke up in the morning with the sound of my phone ringing so I fell out of bed and tripped over the sheets and ran down the hall way to get the phone just before it ran out. “Hello” I answered “hey I thought you weren’t going to pick up anyway I thought that we could have a movie night me you and all the other girls” said Elyse one of my friends at I met a year ago at university “ok sounds good when” I responded “Wednesday 6 pm you plan thanks bye” and with that she hung up so I looked at the calendar and saw it is Wednesday 11am holly crap I yelled as I knew I had 7 hours to plan a whole movie night.

 I wrote a guest list Eva, Eleanor, Mary, Elyse. I wanted to keep it small and simple just my best, called everyone and they are coming, now for the food so I wrote and list and went shopping.

As I was walking down the soft drink aisle I ran in the same blonde haired boy and this time he kind of looked like Niall Horan.

“Oh shit sorry oh it’s you again are we going to make a habit of this, anyway I am Olivia by the way” I exclaimed “oh I am Niall it great to finally have a name to put to you beautiful face” he replied I couldn’t help but blush I saw him smile it was just a long awkward silence so I had to leave somehow “I am so sorry but I am really busy I have to go” I stated as I quickly left. After I finished the shopping I went home to set up for the party and I only had a half hour until everyone got here.

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