I cant believe you

Hey guys! ok so this story is for Winter I think that's her name Lol, Anyways..
Niall cheats on u and stuff and I have been sooo busy lately so yea and I will be doing one with Charlene and Louis sorry if I misspelled ur name :P


12. Tour

He gets up  ''Pregnant?''

I get up  "yes'' I said ''Please Niall don't be mad.''

He fast walks out of the bathroom and into the living room to sit down on the couch and turns on the tv, changing the channel and stopping every 5 seconds 

I sit down beside him ''N- Niall P-please talk to me!'' 

 He glares at me '' Who's the father?''

I look at the ground not responding

he gets up " WHO'S THE FATHER?! BITCH!"

I sit criss cross on the couch and cover your face you cry even harder

I get up ''Niall please im pregnant bare with me!'' I say kinda screaming

''You know what I can't put up with you and your stupid pregnancy!!'' He says walking out the door

 you run to the bedroom and you cry yourself to sleep a couple hours later you hear the door close you get up and see niall at the doorway running his fingers through his hair he looks up

''Hey Princess!'' he says walking towards you.

''Niall are you okay?'' I say backing up

''Yes! Do you wanna go to the club?'' he says kissing you on the neck

'' Niall we can't just have a fight, you leave, come home and act like nothing happened!'' I say screaming in his Face.

''Look babe im sorry I will never leave you again.''

you were to tired so you just forgave him

''Niall... Fine, but don't leave me again''

''I promise.'' he says

you rest your head on his shoulder and you and him slowly rock back and forth

''Umm babe I forgot to tell you I have tour...''

''No babe please don't go.'' I say looking up at him

''Princess Im sorry but I have to.''

''Ok let's just not ruin the moment.'' I say laughing a little




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