I cant believe you

Hey guys! ok so this story is for Winter I think that's her name Lol, Anyways..
Niall cheats on u and stuff and I have been sooo busy lately so yea and I will be doing one with Charlene and Louis sorry if I misspelled ur name :P


14. The tape

I watched Niall Thrusting the other girl, My eyes filled with tears

''Eleanor W-Where did you get T-This?'' I ask pausing the video

''Well that girl and by the way her name is Emily is actually my friend I went to her house and we talked she went to the bathroom, I looked around and found this.'' She says


I cover my  face and start crying

''I-Is she still your friend?''

''Are you kidding me! she is never going to be my friend ever again! after what she done to my best friend.'' She says giving me a hug

Just then my phone rings I answer it and put it on speaker


''Hey babe I know its only been an hour but I already miss you O and the boys wanted to say hey''

I didn't answer just then all the boys said hey to me

''Umm Niall I don't think you would want to talk to me right now I mean I don't want to get in the way of you and Emily or as what I like to call her Bleach blonde tramp!''

I hung up and cried some more

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