I cant believe you

Hey guys! ok so this story is for Winter I think that's her name Lol, Anyways..
Niall cheats on u and stuff and I have been sooo busy lately so yea and I will be doing one with Charlene and Louis sorry if I misspelled ur name :P


3. Louis and Eleanor

yea winter why don't you just leave?

But Niall... you say with tears streaming down ur face

Leave bitch! said the bleached blonde tramp

you closed the door and went back to your car and started crying the paparazzi's were taking pictures so u decided to leave you decided to call Louis hoping he would answer


Hey L-Louis you say sobbing

Winter wats wrong?

N-Niall is c-ch-cheating on me.

That asshole umm sorry for my language Winter.

o it's ok Louis I said the same thing in my head when I found out

Love u can stay here with me and Eleanor

umm I don't know Louis that would just be rude.

o no Winter it's fine me and Eleanor would be happy to see u!

r u sure?


k im on my way

*few minutes later* you arrive at there flat*

before u knocked on the door u could hear Louis talking to someone on the phone

Louis: Niall what were u thinking have you lost ur fucking mind u don't cheat on a girl!!         no I don't care how fucking hot she is u don't cheat on a girl!

Shit he hung up on me!

you knock on the door and Eleanor opens it

Hey winter!

Hey El.

 come sit down want something to drink? she says

umm no im good,Thanks anyways. I said

im sorry about wat happened. they both say. umm it's ok then the phone started ringing

Hello? said Louis

umm Winter it's Niall.




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