I cant believe you

Hey guys! ok so this story is for Winter I think that's her name Lol, Anyways..
Niall cheats on u and stuff and I have been sooo busy lately so yea and I will be doing one with Charlene and Louis sorry if I misspelled ur name :P


7. Im Sorry

you all walk in the room and sit down u hold niall's hand and look at Louis who was looking at niall you wanted to forgive him but you were afraid that he might cheat on you again. You  guys talk about Niall and work until Louis had to go to work and Eleanor went downstairs to the cafeteria to get something to eat. So it was just you and Niall you started to think about what happened the other night and then cried 

''Niall I wanna forgive you so bad but I-im just afraid...''

You lay your head down on Nialls chest you could feel his heart beat you cried some more


you looked up and it was niall he was holding your hand you pulled away


''Winter Im sorry...'' he says in a weak voice

''Niall I just don't know.... Im sorry...''

''Niall!'' you turned around to see Eleanor

''El. please'' you begged her not to yell at Niall

she walked up beside the bed

''How could you do this to Winter? You know she could have just dated a normal guy that's not famous but no she chose you because she trusted you niall and you let her down! And when ever your away she misses you and you will never know how it feels for your loved one to be gone all the time! Everyday she's waiting and waiting for you to come home cause she misses you While your gone at a hotel having sex with another girl! Winter loves you  you Niall!''

she turns to look at me ''apparently he doesn't love you Winter.''

she walks out you looked at Niall he had tears in his eyes you couldn't stand to see him like this but Eleanor had a point

''im sorry Niall...'' I say walking out and following Eleanor.


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