I cant believe you

Hey guys! ok so this story is for Winter I think that's her name Lol, Anyways..
Niall cheats on u and stuff and I have been sooo busy lately so yea and I will be doing one with Charlene and Louis sorry if I misspelled ur name :P


8. i want Niall

Me and Eleanor walked down  the hallway she held my hand

''it's ok Winter you'll find someone else that will never cheat on you why don't you date harry?'' she says jokingly

''Lol that would kinda  be awkward...'' I smirked and looked at the ground

''but what if I don't wanna date anybody else wat if I wanna date  Niall....''

she sigh's

''Eleanor what if Louis cheat's on you would you forgive him?''

''I I.. would give him another chance...''

''I thought so.'' I say looking t the ground

she looks at me ''Well it's ur choice Winter no matter wat  you decide to do im right here with u''


you get in the car and One Direction starts playing

''okaayyy probably not a good time right now lol'' she changes the station

you and Eleanor go and watch the boys rehearse 

sorry I don't really have a lot of time to write this I have to study I won the county spelling bee (yay!) and soo now im competing in the national spelling bee so im sorry this is sooo short! :P





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