When my friend made promises that he couldn't and didn't keep, it hurt. It's close to impossible to describe the true pain of a broken bond, a piece that you want to heal and try to fix, but that's just too difficult to repair. I wrote a poem about it years ago, and now, fully recovered having finally made enough new friends and stronger bonds, I am able to face it and publish my feelings without embarrassment and tears. After almost 15 months of confusion, sobs, and crazy and dramatic middle schoolers, I have learned not only that life's most valuable lessons hurt pretty badly, but that friendship is a gift to never be doubted. Nature has its ways, and everything has a purpose and a destiny. Our paths will twist with others, but we need to be able to trust that we will get on without people at times. True friendship might get hidden, but will always be there, no matter how much life's pain seems to cancel it out. They'll never forget you, and will always eventually come back.


7. Part Seven

I walked to class
Alone today
Because you
Left my stable friendship
To try to get her

Why can't I let you go?
Why do I still hold
On to an empty memory
There's only one thing that
Could fix us now
You need to stop using me

You deny it all, but I
Know of the truth
I'm supposed to make her
Want you back
Or want you more
No doubt you thought
That I wouldn't ever
Figure that out
But when it's your
Only friend,
You notice most everything
So stop lying
I see right through it all
And it hurts
More than you might think
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