My Protector

Audrey and Arianna haven't been getting along so well. They both feel they have been betrayed by one another, but when they get a chance to meet the famous boys of One Direction will they push those negative feelings aside? Will they end up digging up some feelings for they boys? What happens when their families get in the way? Find out in my newest movella "My Protector".


5. Tornado Warning

Liam's P.O.V.

I threw Audrey into the pool and then jumped in after her. I opened my eyes as I swam down. I don't know what came over me but it felt as if time was freezing as I got closer to her. I swam down until I was close enough for her floating hair to tickle my fingertips. I guess time caught up with her and she pushed her foot off the bottom of the pool swimming up. I did the same.
"Cold" She stated swimming in place.
"Very" I replied. We swam back to the edge of the pool and I jumped out. I reached down my hands to help her out. She smiled and took them. As i pulled her up, she took a step forward and stumbled into me.
"Hello" I smiled looking into her blue eyes. The sun reflecting off little specks of silver.
"Hiya" She said smiling back.
"FOODS READY!" I heard Robert yell. I grabbed a burger and sat down at the table. Audrey on my left and Shae on my right. Arianna was in front of me and she was in between Michael and Chase. My mom and dad at one end of the table. Arianna and Audrey's parents on the other. Nicola and Ruth sat in lawn chairs talking about their boyfriends. The table was filled with burgers, steaks, potato salad, chips, watermelon and cool lemonade. The music was on low. We were all being crazy and singing along to the songs when and announcement came on.
"BEEP BEEP BEEP" "BEEP BEEP BEEP" Weather Warnings for (list of city names here) and Wolverhampton. (Goes through all other cities.) Wolverhampton: Tornado Warning for Wolverhampton, UK. Tornado Warning for Wolverhampton, UK. Please be in doors. "BEEP BEEP BEEP" "BEEP BEEP BEEP"

And with that the warning was over. We all looked at each and then up at the sky. It had gotten noticeably darker and clouds were rolling in quite fast. We didn't hesitate.


Audrey's P.O.V.

Liam and I each picked up a child. I had Shae clinging onto my neck. Liam had picked up Chase and we were each holding onto one of Michael's hands. We got to the door and a few lightning streaks went through the sky. I opened the sliding door and Liam pushed us all inside first.
"Bring them to your basement. We'll be in here soon!" Liam said quickly and ran outside to help bring in the food and pool toys.
"Michael, here's Shae." I give Shae to Michael and pick up Chase. I walk as calmly to my basement as possible.
"Michael, go downstairs and grab as many blankets as you can find. Chase, I want you to find all the flashlights, candles, and matches but don't light the matches! Shae, I want you to do whatever your brothers tell you okay?" They all gave me a nod and headed downstairs. I ran to the sliding doors as everyone came in with bowls of food and blow up pool toys. Geoff and my Dad were bringing in the grill. They put everything down and we ran to the basement. Michael, Chase and Shae were sitting in the middle of the room with a blanket wrapped around all three of them and a flashlight shining up at the ceiling. My mom picked up Shae, and told everyone to follow her. In the very back of our basement was a small room. We walked inside and there was nothing but a toy chest. We all piled into the room as we heard the sirens sound. Geoff closed the door and my dad opened up the chest.
"Get in!" He breathed. We all peered inside and saw a ladder. I climbed inside and opened up a door to my right. Inside was a small room. I opened the door and told people to start coming down. My mom sent my siblings down first. I directed them into the room and then as everyone came down I told them to follow me. We went inside and looked around. There were three love seats and a small couch. A box in the corner had blankets, pillows, water, a few boxes of cereal and a portable television and dvd player with about 10 movies. I listened as everyone was in the room. I could hear the distant sound of the sirens getting louder. I couldn't manage to be calm anymore. I started shaking and let tears escape my eyes. I ran to the first love seat I saw and laid on my side curled up in a ball. I felt strong hands lift me up and set me down again. This time I was on someones lap. I felt a blanket being wrapped around me and someone rubbing small circles in my back. I was terrified of tornadoes. They were my biggest fear.
"Shh Audrey, it's okay." I heard someone whisper to me. It wasn't my dads voice, and definitely not my moms. I looked up and saw Liam. I nuzzled up into his chest and soon enough I fell asleep.


I woke up and looked around. Arianna was on the couch, which seemed to be a pull out bed, and was sleeping with Shae on her right, Chase on her left and Michael next to Shae. They were all cuddled up under a blanket. Geoff and Karen were on one love seat. They were both sleeping as well, with Karen's head on his shoulder and a blanket on their laps. My parents were sleeping with my moms head on my dads lap. A blanket covering her small body. That's when I realized I was on my side. Liam must of moved me before he went to sleep. I went to get up so I could look outside when a strong pair of arms tightened around my waist. Liam was holding onto me with almost all his strength. Nicola and Ruth were on the floor with pillows and tons of blankets. I grabbed my phone off the floor and went onto the news website to check and see if we could go outside. It said everything was fine so I tried walking up Arianna.
"Ari.." I whispered.
"Arianna!" I whispered again. I called her phone. It started vibrating and she shook awake.
"Huh, what!?" She picked up her phone and put it to her ear.
"Over here blondie." I said into the phone.
"Oh hey."
"Hey, its okay to go outside. Do you want to come with me?"
"Yeah sure." She stated getting out of bed. "Well get up!"
"I kind of need your help." I shined the light of my phone onto Liam's hands. She bent down and bit his finger. He flinched and rolled over almost knocking me off of the love seat. Luckily the love seat wasn't far from the ground. We walked towards the door and opened it quietly. Arianna walked up the ladder and pushed the top of the toy chest open. She motioned for me to come up. We walked to the bottom of the basement stairs and started to climb when we heard someones feet thump against the cement floor.
"What are you guys doing?" A groggy morning voice said.
"We were going upstairs to see how everything is." Arianna replied.
"Do you want to come with us Liam?" I asked. He nodded and jogged over to catch up with us. We came upstairs into the kitchen and was surprised that there was no bad damages. We went around the house looking in all the rooms. There were a few broken windows but nothing much. Liam grabbed his parents keys off the counter.
"I'm going to check out my house. You guys want to come?"
I looked at Arianna and she just shook her head.
"You guys go ahead I'm going to start making breakfast and wake everyone up." We nodded and left. Liam was in his pool shorts and I was in my bikini. I was freezing. It may be summer but the mornings are in the 30's. I started shivering and Liam grabbed my hand pulling me closer to him. His body was warm and I smiled. We got to his house to realize his was in worse condition. Furniture was strewn about, pipes coming out of the ceiling, broken glass everywhere. Looks like we might not have new neighbors but we might have new room mates.


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