My Protector

Audrey and Arianna haven't been getting along so well. They both feel they have been betrayed by one another, but when they get a chance to meet the famous boys of One Direction will they push those negative feelings aside? Will they end up digging up some feelings for they boys? What happens when their families get in the way? Find out in my newest movella "My Protector".


6. Packing and Movies

Arianna's P.O.V.

Once everyone was awake and full of food, we all headed to the Payne house to grab their belongings and valuables. Audrey and I helped Nicola and Ruth pack their clothes into boxes. Michael helped Liam pack his clothes. Chase and Shae helped my mom and Karen with the kitchen. Geoff and my dad were taking apart beds and tables.

Audrey's P.O.V.

We got done packing around 12:30. We brought most of their stuff into out living room and headed to a restaurant nearby which just happened to be Nando's. We ate and finished around 1:30. When we got back my dad and Geoff brought the beds upstairs. We are giving Karen and Geoff the spare bedroom. Nicola and Ruth are sharing a room with Audrey and I. Michael and Chase are sharing with Liam. Luckily, Shae still sleeps in my parents room. We do have a big room but not big enough to fit 4 beds in a comfortable way. We ended up putting them like this.

This is what the boys room looks like but in a boyish way.

Our room was a light orange color with accents of hot pink and purple. The boys room was red with royal blue accents. Both our carpets are white and so are the bed frames. We unpacked everything we could and by the time most of it was done it was 7:00. The parents decided to go out to eat and Geoff and Karen were taking my parents for "a night on the town". Nicola was going to her boyfriends house to have dinner. Ruth was going out shopping and offered for us to go along. Arianna went and took Shae along too. Chase and Michael ended up going to a sleepover at one of their baseball teammates house. That left me and Liam.
"So what do you want to do?" I ask Liam.
"We could have a movie night?" He said in a question form.
"That sounds fun! I'll go get some movies." I went into my room and pulled out my top 10 favorite movies. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Toy Story 3, A Walk To Remember, Whip It, Paranormal Activity, Sugar, 500 Days of Summer, Coraline and The Hangover. I walked out of my room and towards the living room. I smelled something cooking and it smelled delicious! I put the movies on the couch and walked into the kitchen.
"Hey.."I said. Liam looked over his shoulder and smiled then looked back at the stove.
"Hello!" He replied.
"What are you making?" I giggled as I walked over to peer over his shoulder.
"Spaghetti!" He laughed.
"With sauce?" I asked.
"Do you want sauce?"
He looked at me and I nodded.
"Then there will be sauce!" I just laughed and went back into the living room. I popped in one of the movies not looking at what it was. I was about to go back into the living room when I saw a face in the window. I took a step back but fell and landed on the glass table, falling threw as it shattered.
"AUDREY?!" I hear Liam yell. I was in too much pain to talk. I lost my breath and shards of glass were cutting at my back. I just groaned. I hear the running of feet going from the tiled floor to carpet.
"Oh my god! Audrey are you okay?!" Liam asks me frightened. He tried to help me up but I groan in pain. He puts one arm under my knees and one under my head lifting me up. He puts me on my feet brushing off my back which was full of glass. The shirt hitting my skin stung and I sucked in a breath through my teeth. I could feel him lift up my shirt but I didn't care. The cool air felt good. I heard him whisper an "oh my god" under his breath. He grabbed my wrist and pulls me to the bathroom as I limp. I guess I hurt my ankle too. He takes a washcloth and pours some hydrogen peroxide on it. He dabs it all over my back and i can feel it bubble up. He gets out some band-aids from the cupboard and starts to bandage my cuts. He then takes out a bandage rap and wraps up my ankle. Dang, this boy has everything. He pulls my shirt back down and wraps one arm around the back of my waist. He leads me back to the living room sitting my down on the couch and elevating my ankle.


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