My Protector

Audrey and Arianna haven't been getting along so well. They both feel they have been betrayed by one another, but when they get a chance to meet the famous boys of One Direction will they push those negative feelings aside? Will they end up digging up some feelings for they boys? What happens when their families get in the way? Find out in my newest movella "My Protector".


3. Meeting Audrey and Arianna

Liam's P.O.V.

It was a bit weird walking into the new neighbors backyard. This place has been empty since I was 7 years old. I had on a plain white t-shirt and pool shorts. My mom said I should probably wear them in case I went swimming. We walked over to who I assume was Fay. The one my mom talked to earlier. She introduced us to her husband Robert and their three youngest. Michael, Chase and Shae. Shae was a cutie. She definitely wasn't shy. She ran up to me and hugged my leg. I picked her up and and gave her a hug.
"Well you're a cutie." I said as I held her.
"I know." She said with a smile. "You look familar." She said with her little voice. I put her down and grabbed her hands.
"Do you know who One Direction is?" I asked her.

"YES! They are the cutiest, funniest, craziest, perfectest boys ever! And they sing really good!" She started singing What Makes You Beautiful. She wasn't bad for a six year old.
"Well here's a little secret." I told her after she stopped singing. I motioned for her to come closer. I brought my lips to her ear.
"I'm from One Direction." I whispered into her ear. She got the biggest grin on her face but I put my finger up to my lips as if to say "don't tell!" She copied my actions then ran away smiling. Fay then yelled a couple of names. I wasn't paying all that much attention as I was talking to Robert. After a few minutes I heard my name being squealed.
"Liam Payne!" I chuckled when I found out it was one of the girls Fay had called over. I walked over and gave them each a hug but the second girl didn't let go. Her sister tazzered her and she screamed as she fell to the ground. After she yelled "RUDE" I helped her up.
"Well as I see you know who I am, I didn't quite catch your names" I said with a smile.
"I'm Arianna" the first girl said. "And this is my twin sister Audrey."
"Nice to meet you!" I smiled. Arianna then whispered to me as she walked toward her mom.
"She loves you." I just laughed and looked at Audrey. She seemed pretty embarrassed.
"Are you okay?" I asked her while flashing my teeth.
"I'm fine." She smiled back, her cheeks turning pink. "What did Arianna say to you...?" She asked.
"Oh nothing really, just that you looooove me." I said with a smirk. She turned bright red.
"Hey it's cool. It's normal to have a crush on a world-wide superstar." I said. She just laughed.
"Sooo, since we're neighbors now, how about we get to know each other?"
"I like that." She smiled and walked me over to two chairs and we basically talked about anything and everything the whole time.


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