My Protector

Audrey and Arianna haven't been getting along so well. They both feel they have been betrayed by one another, but when they get a chance to meet the famous boys of One Direction will they push those negative feelings aside? Will they end up digging up some feelings for they boys? What happens when their families get in the way? Find out in my newest movella "My Protector".


4. Getting To Know Liam

Audrey's P.O.V.

We headed over to the side of the pool where two pool chairs sat. I sat down on the one closest to the grass, Liam on the one closest to the pool.
"So." He said as he sat down.
"Soo." I replied.
"Tell me about yourself."
"What do you want to know?"
"Um how old are you?"
"17; and you're 18."
"You know it. Whats your favorite song?"
"Over Again by you and the boys." He chuckled. "Whats so funny?"
"It's just cute how you refer to us as "the boys" instead of One Direction."
"Well I did when I was 15 but I guess I just referred to you as the boys because it's easier than just saying One Direction after everything I say about you guys. Good things of course!" He chuckled again, this time along with me.
"It's cute." We both blushed.
"Alright so since I know almost like, everything about you, what do you want to know about me?"
"Can you sing?"
"Uh I can't.."
"Oh come on! Everyone can sing!"
"Obviously not everybody because I can't!"
"Alright, alright. Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Well, no..but why would that be convenient?"
"Oh no reason really."
"Okay..." I gave him a small smile.
"Do you want to go for a swim. Its really hot out."
"Yeah sure!" He took off his shirt and I couldn't help but stare.
"Like what ya see?" He whispered. I laughed as my cheeks turned a few shades pinker. I took off my t-shirt and put down my phone. I tore my hair out of the messy bun and ran my fingers through it. Before I even got to the edge of the pool, I was picked up by strong hands.
"Put me down!" I laughed.
"Okay!" I heard Liam say. I was thrown off his shoulder and within a few seconds I was engulfed with water. I opened my eyes to see Liam swimming down to me. My hair was floating around my head. I felt like I was sinking. He came really close. We sat there for what felt like hours but I know it was just a few moments. That's when I came back to reality. I was running out of breathe. I pushed my foot up off the bottom of the pool and swam to the surface. That was one moment I was going to cherish forever.


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