My Protector

Audrey and Arianna haven't been getting along so well. They both feel they have been betrayed by one another, but when they get a chance to meet the famous boys of One Direction will they push those negative feelings aside? Will they end up digging up some feelings for they boys? What happens when their families get in the way? Find out in my newest movella "My Protector".


8. Audrey, Meet Niall

Niall's P.O.V.
"Yeah I know right! She just grabbed your leg and screamed 'YOU'RE GOING TO...hold on Hazza, I'm gettin' another call."
(10 minutes later) "Sorry bout that Haz, it was Liam. I'm heading over to his house so I'll text you later."
"Kayp bye!"
I jumped into the shower and washed my blonde hair. I threw on a green polo shirt and some clean khaki shorts. I threw on my green nikes and sprayed my cologne in the air walking through it like an idiot.
"Bye mum!" I yell as I go out the door. I hop in my car and shove the key into the ignition. I revved the engine and backed out of the driveway turning right. I arrived in about 10 minutes. I pulled into the driveway of the house Li had told me about. I went up to the door and gave it a few knocks.
"DOORS OPEN!" I hear a someone yell. I opened the door and found my way to the sound of the voice. I see Liam and a girl sitting on the couch. Liam gets up and gives me a hug.
"Niall I want you to meet Audrey." I walk over to Audrey and see her foot is wrapped and she was arching her back like it was in pain. I shook her hand and gave her a smile.
"What happened to your ankle?" I asked her nonchalantly.
"Oh nothing spontaneous really. Just clumsy old me tripped and fell."
"Onto a glass table and cut her back." Liam finished. Her cheeks turned pink and she looked really embarrassed.
"Ouch!" I say. She just smiled and looked away.
"So we're having a movie night and we just finished watching 'A Walk To Remember.' Do you want to pick the next one Niall?" Audrey asked me.
"Um yeah sure. Where are the movies?" I ask her.
"Over there on the floor." I nod my head and sit down, looking through the movies.
"YOU HAVE CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS!?" She just giggled and nodded her head. I popped it in the dvd player and laid down on my stomach on the floor with my hands holding my head.
"Do you like this movie?" I heard her ask me. I nodded and kept my eyes on the screen.
"Why do you like it so much?"
"Um because it has to do with food falling from the sky?"
"Oh okay." With that we were quite and watched my favorite food movie.

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