Irish you were mine

Isabel's finally turning 19! Her Bestfriend is throwing her party and she has NO idea what's coming to her...


1. Planning

Isabel's P.O.V. :


Wow I can't believe it I'm FINALLY 19! I'm so excited! But what makes it even better is that I'm as old as Niall... But he will probably never fall for me anyways... Well my bestfriend McKenna is throwing my party for me! But i hope i like it, knowing her i probably would.


McKenna's P.O.V. :


Ok so Isabel still dosent know where I'm taking her but I do and we live in Vegas there is Plenty of places I can take her but I know a place that she would LOVE! One direction is playing this weekend and I got front row tickets and backstage passes for the both of us, but first I'm gonna take her to her favorite restaurant! But I got the last front row tickets because this is their last place to play before the end of her tour!!! Hopefully she likes it!



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