Irish you were mine

Isabel's finally turning 19! Her Bestfriend is throwing her party and she has NO idea what's coming to her...


2. Meeting our dream

McKenna's P.O.V. :


"ISABEL!!! WAKE UP!!!!!" i yelled " what do you want, why can't I just sleep?!?!"

"Well do you just wanna sleep through your birthday, no, fine i will just go by myself to your suprise." I walked out shutting the door behind me and standing in front of the door. she opens the door. "Fine." she said with a smile on her face. "Go get ready and wear somthing nice and come down stairs when you are done!" I said while running downstairs to my room. Hmmmm what to wear? I decided on wearing White denim shorts with with a black lacey, flowey tank top and some pink vans. Then i went to do my hair i curled my hair then I only put on a bit mascara and lip gloss. I sat down downstairs and watched TV and waited for isabel.


Isabel's P.O.V. :


I wonder where McKenna was taking me... anyways she said to wear somthing nice... hmmm i walked over to my wardrobe and started scanning through it. But i came across a pair of white skinny jeans that were ripped in the thighs and a pair of grey ugg boots with a pink Lacey back tank top I put my hair up and curled it then I let it fall. I put on some eyeliner and some lipgloss then I headed down stairs and saw McKenna on twitter. "How do I look?" I said making her jump. "You look GORGEOUS!" "Why thank you and you don't look to bad urself." We both laughed. Well it seemed like she had a whole day planned out. we went out to lunch then we went shopping for a little while then we dropped our bags off at the house. "Can you please tell me where were going now... please?!?!" "I can't Tell you, you will find out soon its almost time to leave to your present anyways!" "fine."


McKenna's P.O.V. :


"Are we there yet?!?!" Isabel whined. "no not yet but in about 2 seconds" I said with a smile "REALLY?!?!" "yes, realy." we got out of the car and she said, "where are we?" "Well remember when you have been dying to see one direction?" her eyes widened "No you didn't?!?!" "Why yes i did" she screamed and hugged me.

then she finally calmed down the best she could. "also theres also two more things i forgo to tell you..." "what is it?" "well..... i got front row and backstage!!!" she screamed once again. "well we better get going we dont wanna miss it!" also i was excited to because we got backstage and i could finalky meet liam. I dont know what it was with him. His eyes his smile or his amazing voice? im not sure. well we got in the front row and isabel started screaming and i was to and while they were exiting off stage niall and liam kept staring at us... backstage should be interesting...


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