Same Mistakes (Not a One Direction love story)

Miah is a normal 13 year old girl. But when the hotest guy in her grade asks her out Miah's whole life is turned upside down. Her friends don't even talk to her and all of a sudden she is the most popular girl in her class. Will she say yes? Or will she deside to go back to her almost perfect life?


7. When To Run

Today was the day. Miah would turn herself in. She would be put in jail. She might stay there forever. If only her father hadn't left these problems for her. These thoughts ran through Tina's head as she walked to first period class. She didn't want her sister to turn herself in. If only her mother would be sensible and let them just disappear. Ugh Tina wished that her mother had common sense. If she was in her mothers's place, she thought, she and Miah would've been gone long ago. But she sighed that was not going to happen, they were going to turn her sister in to the police. But not her, Tina couldn't bear it. She was going to run away before they could. She wasn't going to be there to see her sister stuggle. She didn't wwant to be apart of the family anymore. It wasn't fair that her sister had gotten all of the attention. She was the eldest! Tina thought about her life and as she did she started crying. *flashback*

"Aunt Rose, why can't I go with my mom?"

"Well sweetie, this is her  boyfriend afterall. You can't blame her because he decided he liked her better than you and dumped you for her."

" But it isn't fair auntie, He got me pregnant and then just dumps me and for my mother!!!"

" Well she is older than you, and afterall he is closer to her age."

" But it isn't fair! If he marries her than I will give birth to my sister!"

"Well I know that honey, but your mother is in love." *Flashback Ends*

I am not going to let my d..d...daughter  do that but I I just can't take care of her and she doesn't even know that I'm her mother. She would never believe me because, well it is virtually impossible but it was true and it still is true. i could've died in child birth but miracuously , we both survived, her twin wasn't as lucky though. She was born defected and my mother didn't think I was ready for that yet. I do hope Elisha survived he was so cute even with a leg missing...........

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