Same Mistakes (Not a One Direction love story)

Miah is a normal 13 year old girl. But when the hotest guy in her grade asks her out Miah's whole life is turned upside down. Her friends don't even talk to her and all of a sudden she is the most popular girl in her class. Will she say yes? Or will she deside to go back to her almost perfect life?


5. Time Answers All Questions

*Two Days Later*


I love him. Every time I pass him he tries to talk to me. I have walked by faster for almost two days now. I'm afraid he might try and figure out why I broke up with him. He might just succeed to he is very smart.-flashback- I'm twevle. Young, unharmed. I walk into my boyfriends house. He's not there. I text him 'hey were is u?' After a few minutes he text back 'come 2 park meet u there' So I start walking to the park. It's not very far, Just across the street. I shove my hands in my pockets. It's a very cold Autumn day even for Michigan. I see him. I wave. He doesn't acknowledge me so I follow him. He leads me into the deepest darkest part of the woods. I almost stop. I almost turn back. If I would've, my life would have been so much easier from that point on. But I kept going. I was a very courious young pre-teen. He meets my ex in the middle of a clearing. My ex, Brandon, holds out his hand and says something I can't understand. My boyfriend has rejected his hand and is hugging him. Very weird but I keep watching. Suddenly my boyfriend pulls something out of his pocket. I realise what it is just before he stabs the blade into Brandon's back. brandon tries to grab it and pull it out. He suddnely realises he is going to die. My by now ex boyfriend has jamed the knife even farther into Brandon's back I yell at him to stop. I even run forward and try to pry the knife out. But Brandon is already beyond aid and he has just enough strength to pull himself up to my face and kiss my softly before he dies.-Flashback ends- I look up and see my sister's big brown eyes pouring into my blue eyes. She knew that I was thinking about the night she had found me in the park with the dead body of my ex lying on top of me. She said very calmly, "I think you can trust Josh withyour secret." But what if he reports me to the police? I say worried my sister has finally lossed it. "Just trust me okay. I really think that if he could he would run with you." Sis? That's what you said about all the guys who have liked me at all of these schools. And you know that they did try to run with me and ended up dying because they loved me so much. All five of them saw the bullet coming and pushed me aside so that I could get away. "Sis you know that mom is getting you a lawyer and whether or not tis case goes good or bad she has bought a piece of land far away from all of this that we can escape to. It is very small and very discreet. Nobody in thier right mind would try to even land on it never mind live on it." Then why are we. She smiled and whispered in my ear, "We are out of ouminds.


Why did she break up with me? I love her with all my heart. and always will 'til the day I die. Maybe if I tell her that she'll take me back. Here she comes perfect timing. Hey I say. She says "Hey" back but she has a far away look in her eye like she is thinking about soemthing entirely different. I take a deep breath and I tell her I need to tell her something just as I say so she starts talking so I stop to let her continue. She is saying, " Okay umm well I don't know if I can trust you but," At this point I inturupt to say you can trust me. I will always keep your secrets safe. She smiles sdaly and says, " even if they involve police? Yes I answer thinking it is just a test. How wrong I was. She continued without breathing to tell me about her boyfriend killing her ex boyfriend and then calling the police on her and making sure she had touched the knife's handle. All the while I had a look of shock pasted on my face. Then she told me about her mom breaking her out of prison just before she would've been taken to be killed. At this point I'm sure my look of shock turned to one of horror. Finally she relayed the list of all the people who had died saving her life for the next year. There was: Her father and her five boyfriends one for every school she had transferred to that list contained, Bobby, John. Mark, Matt.and Allen. I turned to my locker and said I would become the sixth if it meant saving you.


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