Same Mistakes (Not a One Direction love story)

Miah is a normal 13 year old girl. But when the hotest guy in her grade asks her out Miah's whole life is turned upside down. Her friends don't even talk to her and all of a sudden she is the most popular girl in her class. Will she say yes? Or will she deside to go back to her almost perfect life?


3. Not Me......Not Now


After fourth block I walked cautusiouly to Josh's locker he wass tanding there waiting for me. He said, " Hey gorgeous, how's my little girl?" Umm okay I say noting he called me his little girl which is very annoying when you're thirteen. Okay. C'mon baby we are going out for lunch. I start to say okay but I stop halfway through the word. Wait, how is that possible? I thought that we weren't aloud to leave the school. He answered smothly, " No not unless your dad is the principal and could care less as long as you're back before class starts." Alright I say still unsure.

*After Lunch*

HE KISSED ME!!!! I feel like I have wings! He was just talking tome as we walked back to the school the next thing I knew he asked me a question and before I could answer he leaned over and kissed me! But I have to break up with him. Every time i fall in love something aweful always happens to the guy. I can't even think about him any more so I should start thinking about what the teacher is saying.....BUT HE KISSED ME! I can't stop thinking about what he did afterwards. We were right in front of the school and he just looked at me and mumbled sorry. SORRY! Ha. I wonder why he said that maybe he thought I would get mad at him cause he kissed me? IDK. I'll sort through all of this later I've got to focus on school. The only reason I'm not dead or in prison is because my mom keeps breaking me out of jail. Now we're both facing charges. I wish she would've let me go though. I was ready. Now now I don't know. I idn't even comit murder! It was my boyfriend and yeah sure he tricked me into touching the knife but sill! It's not my fault that he didn't like my ex that much. Now at every school my boyfriend will help me out of getting put back in jail but every time they risk their life to save mine. And then they add to the list of "victims" I have made as the news says, 'She's a crazy maniac who can change her appearacne just as easily as the rest of can blink.' So yeah I can't fall in love cause I might actually be able to get a lawyer and prove myself sane and NOT a murderer. But if Josh gets in the way. I'm afraid that this is my last chance. I need to suceed this time. Even If I love him.

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