Same Mistakes (Not a One Direction love story)

Miah is a normal 13 year old girl. But when the hotest guy in her grade asks her out Miah's whole life is turned upside down. Her friends don't even talk to her and all of a sudden she is the most popular girl in her class. Will she say yes? Or will she deside to go back to her almost perfect life?


6. Love? Or war?

*First Block- Miah and Josh are back together*


Okay Josh one more time from the top, what are the fifteen reasons that I love you? Josh smiled and took a deep breathe to say, " The fifteen reasons I love you are one, the way you smile two, the way you look at me three, that you're innocent  four, You're the best girlfriend in the world five, you will love me forever and always six, umm six, you love me for who I am seven, okay you got me Miah I can only think of six reasons." I look deep into his eyes smile and say, I was happy with ine the rest were just for fun. "Hey!" Josh's look was so hurt it was funny I only stopped laughing when thier teacher came in. Josh leaned over and kissed me on the lips and hurried back to his seat.


Today Miah is mine. But who knows how long it'll last. I think that it could last for a very long time. And if she is convicted of murdering not only her ex Brandon but her father and those other five guys, I will be right with her mom breaking her out of jail. She's innocent. I'm sure. But her friend Tina seems to spend a little too much time at Miah's house. I'll ask Miah about it at lunch when we go out to sit on that huge tree on the front lawn of the school. Maybe she'll have some answers. But how do I ask her the question I've been dying to ask since she said yes? How do I ask her if she'll be mine for the rest of my life? What if she says no. What if it's to soon? But I love her like I've never loved any girl before. She's perfect. She's mine. I love her.  And I WOULD die for her. Even if it meant I would never get to see her again. Atleast she would be safe.


I don't trust my sister's new boy friend. Every time he sees me with her he walks away. I am starting to wonder if I should be suspicious. But I'll let it slide for now since Miah seems to be happy for the first time since she started dating Brandon. Her sister thougt though that it was her now crazy ex who killed Brandon  how wrong she was. But I don't think I should tell her yet she might hate me forever because I didn't tell her or more importantly the lawyer. That I had seen the whole thing. I was almost certain she didn't want her sister to know who actually killed Brandon but as she tried to remember the day it came to her like it was yesterday-flashback- I was jogging through the park I was officially seventeen so my mom would let me stay out for a lot longer than my sister. I saw dad in a drunk rage march up to Brandon and Miah hidding in the bushes. She saw Brandon stick his hand out and say, "So deal if I leave your youngest daughter alone you'll give me ten thousand dollars?" "Yes" Our father had responded not shaking his hand but hugging him instead. She could just hear him saying you have no idea how happy this makes me as he plunged the dagger into Brandon's back driving it harder and harder in. I heard Miah scream and run up to Brandon trying to pull the dagger free but it was of no use. Brandon had just enough strength left to pull himself up and kiss Miah, a sweet gesture considering it was partly his fault she would face the next year as an outlaw having boyfriends die to save her and prolong her wait that much more.-flashback ends- Until now that is. Her mother decided it was time to face court once again to see what would happen. Before they moved to their tropical paridise. Her mother had always been an imbecile.

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