Same Mistakes (Not a One Direction love story)

Miah is a normal 13 year old girl. But when the hotest guy in her grade asks her out Miah's whole life is turned upside down. Her friends don't even talk to her and all of a sudden she is the most popular girl in her class. Will she say yes? Or will she deside to go back to her almost perfect life?


1. Just Another Day in Middle School

*Block One*

"Okay Tina, I agree you're the best friend I could ever want." Miah repeated for the thousandth time to her very self loving friend. Tina replied without even thinking her friend might be lying to her, "Yes because I am amazing and that's all there is." Miah looked sideways at her best friend in truth she was amazing but Miah never got to really tell her so because Tina always told herself. Instead of saying this though Miah sighed and said "I guess." Like she always did and as always Tina replied by flipping her hair and walking away to cinvince someone else of  her amazing.powers as a friend. Miah sighed as she passed Josh's locker he was the hottest boy in the 7th grade and the only one who could pull off wearing that much Axe. But Miah couldn't think about Josh Micheals right now as a matter of fact she could never think about him. Not after what happened at her last school. As Miah walked into her pre-algebra class she reminded herself of what always happened when she fell for a guy. 

*Block Two*

Okay so maybe she shouldn't tell Mr. Shelby that his name made everyone in the class laugh but it was the right thing to do so atleast he would know why students were always snickering in his class. But no it was just to funnu she had to let it continue. Atleast for the rest of the day she thought smiling softly at the thought.

*Block Three*

Miah had cried during the film in science class. "How could they do that to poor defensless creatures?"  She thought as she ran crying into the closest stall she maybe unable to be hurt by words but Miah still wanted to make a good impression on her fellow class mates. Then Miah heard foot steps coming into the bathroom she quickly made herself stop crying so she could evesdrop just to make sure it wasn't about her already. The first girl said to the other two as they quickly walked in front of the three mirriors, " He is such a wimp he can't even ask her out for himself!" One of the other two said very quickly and quietly, " OMG why he's like the hottest boy what does he think she'll say no?"  The other two laughed as they walked back out of the bathroom Miah couldn't help thinking that the conversation she had jusy overheard had been in the deserted girls bathroom for a reason.


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